Activities For Development

Download free printable activity worksheets for LKG to class 10. For LKG and kindergarten kids, worksheets are based on the hands-on approach that will ameliorate your toddler's speech development, phonic understanding, fine motor skills. These worksheets our meticulously designed to enhance their motor development, correct their posture, eye-hand coordination, pencil grip, visual discrimination, identification of letters and numbers that will make schooling experience much more enjoyable.

For class 1 to class 5, our fun-based activity worksheet will help them to build their thinking, logical ability and midbrain activation. For higher grades 6 to 10 we have incorporated maths and science lab activity that students can perform at home This will help students to explore their scientific and math knowledge and inculcate a liking for the subjects.

Our worksheets are colourful, easy to use and mobile-friendly, you can download it any time and take a print out. Kindly mail us if you wish your own customized worksheet for your child, we will be glad and delighted to help you

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