Printable 60 Questions based Light Class 7 Worksheet with Answer

Premium Printable 60 Questions based Light Class 7 Worksheet with Answer
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Light class 7 worksheet with answer - 60 questions Answer-based worksheet

Looking for comprehensive resources to master the topic of Light in Class 7 Science? You've come to the right place at WitKnowLearn! We offer a full range of educational materials designed specifically for Class 7 students and their learning needs. Dive into our Light Class 7 Notes for easy-to-understand explanations that make the topic a breeze. Want to test your knowledge? Check out our Light Class 7 MCQ and Light Class 7 Question Bank that include multiple-choice questions and extra question answers to keep you engaged and challenged. If hands-on learning is more your style, our Light Class 7 Worksheet offers a variety of exercises.

Plus, we also provide a Light Class 7 Worksheet with Answer so you can self-check and improve. Don't miss out on mastering Chapter 11 of Class 7 Science with our comprehensive resources. Parents, teachers, and students all trust WitKnowLearn for offering thorough and student-friendly material. Take the next step in your educational journey and make learning about Light in Class 7 both fun and effective.

Light class 7

Light Basics

Light is something we can see, and it comes from different sources like the Sun, light bulbs, and candles. It doesn't need air to travel and always moves in a straight line.

What is Reflection?

Reflection happens when light bounces off a smooth surface like a mirror. This is how we see images in the mirror.

Types of Reflection

There are two main types:

  1. Regular Reflection: This happens on smooth surfaces like mirrors. The image is clear and sharp.

  2. Irregular or Diffused Reflection: This happens on rough surfaces like walls. The image is not clear.

Why Images Look Flipped in Mirrors

In mirrors, the right side of things appears on the left and vice versa. That's why words like 'AMBULANCE' are written in a special way, so drivers can read them correctly in their rear-view mirrors.

Spherical Mirrors

These mirrors are curved. There are two types:

  1. Concave Mirror: These mirrors are used to make things look bigger. Dentists and doctors use them.

  2. Convex Mirror: These mirrors show a larger area and are used as rear-view mirrors in cars.


Lenses bend light. There are two main types:

  1. Concave Lens: These lenses spread light out and are used to help people who can't see things far away.

  2. Convex Lens: These lenses bring light together and are used to make things look bigger.

What Lenses are Used For

Lenses are found in things like cameras, telescopes, and glasses.

Dispersion of Light

When light passes through a prism or raindrops, it breaks into colors like in a rainbow.

By understanding these basics, Class 7 students can tackle various questions and exercises in our Light Class 7 Worksheet, Light Class 7 MCQ, and Light Class 7 Question Bank. It's all part of our comprehensive guide to Chapter 11 of Class 7 Science. So start exploring and become a pro in understanding light!

Difference between concave and convex mirror and concave and convex lens

Concave MirrorConvex MirrorConcave LensConvex Lens
ShapeCurved inwardCurved outwardThinner at centerThicker at centre
Image TypeCan be real or virtualAlways virtualAlways virtualCan be real or virtual
Image SizeCan be larger or smallerAlways smallerAlways smallerCan be larger or smaller
OrientationCan be erect or invertedAlways erectAlways erectCan be erect or inverted
UsesHeadlights, telescopes, magnifiersRear-view mirrors, security mirrorsCorrects nearsightednessCorrects farsightedness, magnifiers
FocusConverges lightDiverges lightDiverges lightConverges light

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