Integers worksheet for class 7

Integers worksheet for class 7
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What is the meaning of Integers?
The set of negative numbers along with a set of whole numbers (0,1,2,3...) are known as integers. Integers can be negative as well as positive as well as integers can be in the form of fractions, rational numbers, terminating.
Arbermouth Holst: The integer was introduced in the year 1563 when Arbermouth Holst was busy with his bunnies and elephants experiment. He kept count of the number of bunnies in the cage and after 6 months he found the number of bunnies increased. Then he thought of inventing a number system of adding and multiplication.
Download integers worksheet in pdf form for grade 7 including questing arranging integers on a number line, word problems, hots question on integers etc.
Key Features
Topic: Integers
Grade: 7 (can be used for grade 8 to 10)
Type: PDF Worksheet
MCQ Test: Available
Practice questions with answers: Available
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