Worksheet Nursery Class - Cleanliness

Worksheet Nursery Class - Cleanliness
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Hygiene and Cleanliness Activities & Fun Ideas for Kids | worksheet fun

Download Cleanliness activity worksheets plus printable worksheet on  Cleanliness for 2 years and above

This worksheet is designed to help children in nursery classes learn the importance of cleanliness. It features activities and exercises that will help them understand why it is important to keep themselves, their environment, and their belongings clean. Through this worksheet, kids will gain knowledge on how to properly maintain hygiene and be more aware of the consequences of not doing so.

Personal hygiene refers to the practices that individuals perform to maintain cleanliness and good health, both physically and mentally. This can include regular bathing, washing hands, brushing teeth, and maintaining good grooming habits. Additionally, it also includes taking steps to maintain the cleanliness of one's clothing and living space, and practicing good hygiene habits in relation to food preparation and storage. Maintaining good personal hygiene is important for both personal health and for social and professional interactions.

10  Cleanliness activities for classrooms and home

Teaching children to wash their hands before and after eating, using the bathroom, and playing with friends

Teaching children to use tissues or a handkerchief when they sneeze or cough

Teaching children to keep their personal space clean and tidy, such as keeping their desks and cubbies clean

Teaching children to clean up after themselves, such as putting toys away after playing

Encouraging children to wash their hands before and after art activities, or after playing with playdough

Incorporating regular cleaning and disinfecting routines, such as wiping down tables and chairs after snack time

Teaching children about the importance of keeping the classroom and school environment clean

Incorporating lessons about hygiene and cleanliness into the curriculum

Encouraging parents to reinforce good hygiene practices at home

Making sure that children are provided with proper facilities like toilets and washrooms, and that they are taught how to use them properly.

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