Vegetable Worksheets for Nursery: Fun & Educational Activities

Premium Vegetable Worksheets for Nursery: Fun & Educational Activities
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Nursery vegetables printable and activity worksheet for nursery

Give your little ones a fun introduction to the wonderful world of vegetables with these printable vegetable worksheets for nursery! These brightly colored activities will help your children develop their knowledge of diverse vegetables and their shapes

Matching and colouring Vegetables Worksheet.

This worksheet is a great way for your child to learn about different kinds of vegetables. First, they will practice matching the correct drawing with its name. Then, they can pick up a crayon or a pen and colour the pictures. With this activity, they will be able to better recognize different vegetables while having fun!

Class nursery worksheet on vegetable will help the students to identify the vegetables, find the difference between size and colour, although parents and teachers must also introduce them to real-life vegetables to get better result. These EVS Worksheet can also be used as vegetable worksheet for kindergarten. 

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