How to Use a Has/Have Worksheet for Class 2

Premium How to Use a Has/Have Worksheet for Class 2
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Improve your grammar understanding with our Has Have Worksheet for Class 2! This helpful guide and worksheet utilize an intuitive design to teach students the correct usage of the two verbs 'has' and 'have', saving them time and effort in their grammar lessons.

Do you know We use 'has' with singular nouns or pronouns, for example John, table, monkey, he, she and It

We use 'have' with plural nouns or pronouns. Examples Pooja and Sneha, Children, cows, We, You and they.

Examples of has have sentences.

a. You have curly hair but your sister has straight hair.

b. She has a cat name mimi.

c. We have plans to go to the beach this weekend.

d. My phone has a cracked screen.

e. They have three children, all under the age of 12.

Make Use of Practice Exercises and Sentence Completion Drills with Our Have Has Worksheets.

To further hone the concept of correct usage of 'has' and 'have', our worksheet also contains sentence building exercises, practice sentences, and sentence completion drills. Using these tools enables students to understand not only the difference between the two verbs but also how to correctly use them in a sentence. With this powerful aid, students will easily master the idea of subject-verb agreement with regards to these two essential verbs.
Our have has worksheet is the perfect resource for any language classes up to the 2nd grade level. It features easy-to-understand exercises, which will help children gain a better conceptual understanding of both verbs. In it, they will learn how to tell the difference between 'have' and 'has', and also how to apply them in subject-verb agreement. Each exercise includes multiple choice answers as well as dialog boxes for students to fill in with their own sentences. With this handy worksheet, young students will be able to develop a mastery over these two important verbs in no time.
This have has worksheet is an ideal choice for teachers who are looking to help their students become more confident when it comes to speaking and writing in English. The exercises feature different sentences that demonstrate how 'have' and 'has' should be used differently, as well as a set of multiple-choice questions. Through practice, young learners will get a better sense of how to correctly use these two verbs alongside other words. Additionally, the worksheet also includes a subject-verb agreement section, which will teach students how verb forms must agree with the subject in order to make correct English sentences. All in all, this is a great resource for any language classes above 2nd grade level.

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