Study skills to ease exam pressure.

Study skills to ease exam pressure.
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Study Skills to Ease Exam Pressure.


How to Beat Exam Stress

Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine, there are a plethora of study techniques that one would find on a click. To name a few mnemonics, acronym, cognitive maps, flashcards and the list goes on. Like any other problem-solving approach these techniques are based on trial and error principle. Some of them might work for us some of them might not. But, as the exam pressure escalates, here are two of the most effective study strategies that can help students curb the last-minute exam tension. 

The Pen is mightier than the sword so is the pencil.

Make the pencil your best friend. Using a pencil to mark or highlight points improves concentration even for the subjects you dislike. You can star mark an important topic, underline dates to remember, draw a box around a significant name. You can also put an indent mark to highlight a subtopic or draw a tree diagram adjacent to what you read to understand and explain the concepts in your own words. This discrete technique keeps you engrossed, focused, ameliorates retention and leads to better recall. 

Small progress is still progressing with the checklist method.

In her book ‘Checklist for Everything!’, Dr.Linda Karges-Bone says, a checklist is both a reporting tool and an assessment tool. The checklist method helps you to scrutinize and monitor your progress. You can keep track of the material already learnt, focus on topics not learnt earlier and need attention from the exam point of view. Simply, note down the topics in the first column and put a tick mark when you have done it and another tick when you have revised it. The tick itself is a very powerful signal to the subconscious brain that, ‘Yes, I have done it!’. This is an effective method to boost your confidence, to motivate and alleviate the exam anxiety. 

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