How to Prepare Your Toddler for Nursery Class

How to Prepare Your Toddler for Nursery Class
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How to Prepare Your Toddler for Nursery Class

Get your child ready for a successful transition to nursery class with our tips on helping them build social skills and learn classroom behaviour


Preparing your child for nursery class can seem overwhelming, but with the right support, it can be an exciting adventure for both you and your little one. With guidance on how to build social skills and learn classroom behaviour, you can ensure a successful transition from home to school.

Make Sure Your Child Is Physically Ready for Nursery Class

Make sure your toddler can follow simple instructions, keep themselves clean and provide good motor skills. Active playtime at home can help your child to hone their gross motor skills such as coordination, hopping and balancing. You can also help them to practice basic self-care tasks such as dressing themselves, brushing their teeth and washing their hands.

Preparing for nursery class also involves gaining knowledge about the environment and world around them. Introduce them to basic concepts such as numbers, alphabets, colours, shapes and sizes. Explain the days of the week and talk about weather. It is also important that your toddler can express their needs by using adequate language skills. If they are able to communicate well and express themselves clearly then they will have an easier time making friends with classmates.

Another important factor to consider when preparing your child for nursery class is their gross motor and fine motor skills. You can encourage them to practice holding a pencil or crayon so that they are able to draw and colour in the classroom without any difficulty. Practising walking, running and climbing the stairs with confidence will help them transition into a new environment. Involve activities such as throwing a ball or jumping over obstacles which will maximize their sense of coordination. Additionally, prepare your little one for sharing spaces and materials by playing board games at home with siblings or adults so that toileting, taking turns talking and listening are more comfortable for them in the new setting.

Along with physical skills, emotional preparedness is another important aspect which needs to be considered for starting nursery. Read or tell stories about school and the benefits of gaining knowledge and information there. Role-playing and using puppets are also a creative way to introduce your child to their new routine helping them become more independent, and better communicators while providing necessary emotional support by expressing love and reassurance at the same time. Lastly, talk to your child’s nursery teacher and discuss any other concerns that you may have in order to make the transition smoother in every way.

All these tips can help your child feel more comfortable, confident and ready for their journey of learning in the nursery class. Make sure you take it easy; give them plenty of time to understand and adjust to the new setting while helping them develop and progress physically, emotionally and academically. With these preparations,you are taking one small step towards giving your child a good head start as they embark on their exciting educational journey.

It’s important to make sure your child is physically ready for the nursery class. Make sure they have the necessary skills and abilities to join a class of their peers in the pre-school level. This includes developing their physical stamina and fine motor skills, such as being able to hold a pencil and cutting simple shapes by themselves. Additionally, it also helps if your child has mastered things like recognising colours, counting numbers up to five or ten, being able to dress independently, recognising alphabets and familiar sounds and words. Making sure your child has basic social and communication skills can also help them if they are feeling overwhelmed or shy during their first few days in nursery school.


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