20 Nursery Maths Worksheets to Challenge Your Little Genius

20 Nursery Maths Worksheets to Challenge Your Little Genius
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20 Nursery Maths Worksheets to Challenge Your Little Genius

Looking for nursery math activities for your child? This set of 20 worksheets helps children practice math basics through engaging exercises and games. Start learning today!

Get your child started on the basics of math with this set of 20 nursery maths worksheets. These engaging activities are designed to help kids boost their understanding and practice their skills in a fun and interactive way, allowing them to gain confidence with each completed exercise. Start learning today!


Understand Different Number Sets.

In these nursery maths worksheets, children will learn to understand different number sets. This includes counting and recognizing the numbers 0-10, being able to identify shapes, comparing sets of numbers and understanding simple addition and subtraction. These activities help build a strong foundation in maths for young kids to build on as they progress with their learning.

Tracing, colouring and identification of different Numbers 

Tracing activity on Numbers 

worksheets on Numbers 

count and write the numbers 

Find the missing Numbers 

Counting from 1-10

To start your little one off on this journey, we have included a number of activities that help them count from 1-10. These games and exercises introduce children to the idea of counting by progressing to more complex exercises as they are ready. This gives them the skills they need to progress onto bigger mathematics tasks in the future.

Counting 1 to 10

Missing Numbers from 1 to 10

counting and writing Numbers

1 to 10 printable flashcards


Master Shape Recognition and Sorting by Attributes.

This activity will help your child develop their shape recognition and the ability to sort objects by attributes. Worksheets include sorting shapes by colour, size and orientation. They can learn to recognise different geometrical shapes such as circles, triangles, squares, rectangles and more! Learning these concepts will set the foundations for further maths skills including counting, skip counting and fractions.

Shapes identification and tracing

Identification and colouring activities on shapes

Tracing Shapes

Matching Shapes

Tracing left to right, pencil handling activity

Sorting colours pre math skills


Compare and Contrast Size, Weight and Length Measurement.

With the help of this exercise your child can compare and understand the differences in size, weight and length measurement. This activity will provide some fun comparison exercises, so that children can compare everyday items to get an understanding of how they measure up against each other. They can start by sorting bigger and smaller objects, move onto matching pictures by size and finish off with activities involving a workable scale. Get them set to exploring these concepts today!

Comparing shapes, sizes,

Colouring Activity on shapes

Comparing Long and Short

Comparing Big and Small

Comparing More and Less

This nursery maths worksheet provides a simple activity that your child can do to explore and understand the concepts of size, weight and length measurement. It is a great way for preschoolers to get familiar with the shapes of everyday items. It also helps them practice their hand-eye coordination and visual awareness. They have to identify bigger and smaller objects, sort pictures by size and measure items using a workable scale. At the end of the exercise, there will be an interactive game that tests their ability to remember what they have learned from this activity. These kinds of exercises help children practice essential skills while underpinning their understanding of maths as they develop.

The fun doesn't have to stop there though. After they've explored the basics of size, weight and length measurement, why not get your child playing maths games or getting creative with some arts and craft? Physical chores such as sorting laundry by size can also help your child form a better understanding of these mathematical concepts. By practicing and revisiting these tasks, your young one will be sure to build a strong foundation for their future computing skills.

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