Everything You Need To Know About Nursery Classes

Everything You Need To Know About Nursery Classes
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Everything You Need To Know About Nursery Classes

Nursery classes offer a unique learning environment and social opportunities which can help prepare young children for kindergarten. From what they learn to how to select the right class, here's everything you need to know about putting your little one into nursery classes.

It's important to have a clear understanding of what kind of skills and knowledge your child will be learning while in nursery classes. Generally, these classes focus on preparing children for kindergarten with activities that help develop cognitive skills, physical coordination and gross motor skills, language development, and social interaction with other children. Additionally, preschool teachers may also introduce topics such as numbers/counting, colors/shapes/sizes, animals/plants/nature, music and movement, story time and dramatic play.

Knowing what skills your child will be learning in nursery is valuable for parents of young children in helping them understand the objectives of the class and how it can help their child’s development. It also helps when discussing with teachers, so you understand how they are teaching and assessing your child’s progress. Furthermore, by knowing what is

Syllabus of Nursery class – What your child will learn in his or her nursery class.

English language and literacy development

Mathematics and numeracy skills

Social and emotional development

Science and nature exploration

Creative arts and crafts

Physical development and movement

Personal, social and emotional development

Understanding the World

Expressive arts and design

Communication and language development It can also include other subjects or topics such as music, drama, or foreign languages. It would be best to check with the specific school or teacher for the syllabus class nursery.

Let us talk about the syllabus for nursery classes in different subjects


Reading Readiness skills

Letter Sound through Stories and Rhymes

Letter related vocabulary

Recognition of Letters through sound and Letter Names

Opposite words: Fast and slow, up and down, open and close, Hard and soft, facial expressions like happy and sad etc.

Tracing alphabet, and pencil-holding activities.

Pre-writing skills

Tracing, and clay sand activities, it also depends upon school to school.


Nursery Maths Syllabus

Pre-writing skills

Match, sorting shapes and colour, comparing and patterns

Numerical skills

1 to 10 number identification, sorting shapes and Numbers,

Number sequencing

Spatial Concepts like Up and Down, far and Near, right and Left etc


2D Shapes like circles, square, triangles, rectangle, hearts and star, oval, matching shapes and tracing

Colouring shapes activities are also done.


Long and short, Heavy and light, Days of the week etc


Nursery EVS Syllabus

My self, My family, fruits, vegetables, Types of animals, household things, clothes, birds flowers, Transportation and communication

Apart from that school also focus on various aspects like

Developing fine motor skills, pre writing skills, pre reading skills and pre math skills.

Music, dance, indoor and outdoor activities to enhance overall development.


Art and crafts, free drawing, colouring, clay activities and more.

Please note, The syllabus also depends from school to school, 70-80% are common, but schools also adopt different teaching resources and syllabi.


Age for Nursery class – At what age I should enrol my child in nursery class

Or what is the age for nursery admission or What is the age criteria for nursery admission.

To take admission to Nursery the child has to complete his or her 3 years.

For Playgroup – 2 years completed

For Nursery – 3 Years completed

For Junior KG / Junior Kindergarten – 4 Years completed

For Sr Kg / Sr Kindergarten - 5 Years completed

For Grade 1, the child has to complete 6 years


What is the age of kindergarten in California, as We are moving to the USA

The child has to complete 5 years to take admitted to kindergarten in California

What age of daycare – At what age I should enrol my kid on daycare

There is no such age limit but most parents prefer 1 year and above to put their children to daycare.

What age for kindergarten – Age limit for Kindergarten to enrol my child

For Junior KG / Junior Kindergarten – 4 Years completed

For Sr Kg / Sr Kindergarten - 5 Years completed

For Grade 1, the child has to complete 6 years


Nursery Class syllabus CBSE Board

All the Schools follow the same syllabus which is shown above, CBSE Nursery Syllabus is common for all educational board students including CBSE Board, State board and ICSE Board.


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