Effective Parenting

Most parents today have a busy life. With both parents working and trying to make ends meet, they have very little time left for themselves, their children and their family. Parents are unable to spend quality time with their children. Sometimes to compensate this void they buy expensive gifts and gadgets which has left kids hooked for hours. What parents need to understand is that each child craves for attention, affection, love and warmth.

Children are addicted to social media, online games, Pubg which deviates them from academics. Parents do not know the corrective measures or interventions to manage their child’s addictive behaviour and poor academic scores.

This is where you could seek professional help. We at witknowlearn understand that each child is unique. Our team of experts would like to assist you to understand what skills good parents possess and positive parenting tips. Together with the counsellors in the therapeutic relationship you can learn how to manage your child’s mobile, gaming addiction, exam anxiety, poor study habits. For parents who feel stuck and require guidance in helping their child choose the right Career Path after SSC i.e. 10th standard or HSC 12th standard, we offer Career Guidance and Counselling.

We provide online services as well as personal counselling at Ambernath, Kalyan, Thane, and Mumbai. Contact us for more details.

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