Quiz Yourself On Conversation of Plants and Animals: Class 8 MCQ

Looking to test your knowledge of conservation of plants and animals in class 8? Try your luck with this interactive MCQs quiz! From questions on the types of endangered species to principles of biodiversity, this quiz will challenge you to maximize your score and get the correct answers at the end.

What is conservation of plants and animals?

Conservation of plants and animals refers to the process of trying to protect species and their habitats in order to maintain a healthy balance between humanity and nature. The aim is to preserve biodiversity and ensure that future generations can continue to access resources from ecosystems. Conservation should focus both on preventing the loss of species, and also promoting their responsible management for sustainable use.
Conservation of plants and animals also involves raising awareness about the importance of preserving natural resources and ecosystems, as well as developing policies and regulations designed to protect fragile species. By conserving flora and fauna, we are protecting our future generations from missing out on stunning beauty and engaging in activities that those ecosystems provide. Illegal trade in certain species or parts of endangered plants or animals can threaten their existence on earth so their conservation should be a priority of governments around the world.
Every living species, be it animals or plants, plays an important role in our ecosystems and environment. Conservation of plants and animals is the only way to preserve these natural resources and prevent them from going extinct. Along with conservation of species, it is necessary to protect their habitats as well. This includes increasing forest cover, creating special national parks and ensuring that local ecosystems are preserved. A lack of habitat preservation could have devastating effects on plant and animal life.
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