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*According to the CBSE Syllabus 2023-24, this chapter has been renumbered as Chapter 3.

Are you struggling with Class 7 English and looking for a way to improve your grades? Look no further than printable NCERT solutions for Golu Grows a Nose from An Alien Hand book chapter 3. These comprehensive study materials provide in-depth analysis and explanations of the text, helping you to better understand and retain the information. Start improving your English grades today!

Introduction to Golu Grows a Nose.

Golu Grows a Nose is a story from the Class 7 English textbook, An Alien Hand. The story follows a young boy named Golu who wakes up one day with a nose that grows longer and longer. As he struggles to deal with his new appearance, Golu learns important lessons about self-acceptance and the importance of inner beauty. With printable NCERT solutions for Golu Grows a Nose, you can gain a deeper understanding of the story and improve your English grades.

golu grows a nose summary

Golu, a baby elephant with a bulging snout, lived in an era when elephants didn't have trunks. He was an inquisitive baby who kept pestering his relatives with questions, leading them to assume he was a mischievous baby. He wondered one day, "What do crocodiles eat for dinner?" He was led to the Limpopo River by a Myna bird to find the answer for himself. As a result, Golu started a journey to the Limpopo River, where he met a python.

Golu immediately began inquiring about crocodiles to a python but did not receive any answer for his queries. Despite this, Golu assisted the python in coiling around a limb of a tree. The python then followed Golu without his knowledge.

Golu reached the Limpopo River's bank after few days of his journey. Unfortunately, he fell for the crocodile's enticing remarks and approached him to find out what the crocodile's dinner was. The crocodile took advantage of Golu's curiosity and innocence and captured him with its nose. The python that had been following Golu to the riverside immediately assisted Golu.

After a long battle, Golu was finally free from the crocodile's clutches, but his nose had grown five feet longer. Despite spending a long time in the Limpopo River trying to shrink his nose, it (Golu's trunk) remained in the same posture (five feet long). The python then explained to Golu the benefits of having a long snout (trunk).

After realising his mistakes and the advantages of having a large nose, Golu thanked the wise python and returned home pleased.

golu grows a nose question answers

An Alien Hand Chapter 3 Solutions

Questions (Page No. 34-35)


Question 1. Whom does Golu ask, “Why don’t you ever fly like other birds?”

Answer: Golu asks the given question to the ostrich.

Question 2. Which uncle of Golu had red eyes?

Answer: Hippopotamus, Golu’s huge uncle, had red eyes.

Question 3. Golu’s relatives did not answer his questions because

a.     they were shy.

b.    the questions were too difficult.

c.     Golu was a naughty baby.


b.    the questions were too difficult.

Question 4. Who advised Golu to go to the Limpopo River?

Answer: The mynah bird advised Golu to go to the Limpopo River.

Question 5. Why did Golu go to the river?

Answer: Golu went to the river because he wanted to know what a crocodile looks like and what he eats for his dinner.

Question 6. The crocodile lay on the bank of the Limpopo River. Golu thought it was

a.     a living crocodile.

b.    a dead crocodile.

c.     a log of wood.


c.     a log of wood.

Question 7. What did the crocodile do to show that it was a real crocodile?

Answer: The crocodile shed “crocodile tears” to show that it was a real crocodile.

Question 8. “Come here, little one, and I’ll whisper the answer to you.”

The crocodile said this because

a.     he couldn’t stand up.

b.    he wanted to eat Golu.

c.     Golu was deaf.


b.    he wanted to eat Golu.

Question 9. Who helped Golu on the bank of the river?

Answer: The python helped Golu on the bank of the river.

Question 10. Name two things the elephant can do with his trunk, and two he cannot.

Answer: The elephant can do the following things with his trunk:

·       He can pluck fruits and leaves from the tree with his trunk.

·       He can keep away the insects.

The elephant cannot do the following things with his trunk:

·       He cannot use it as his legs.

·       He cannot see with the help of his trunk.

Analysis of the characters and themes.

The story of Golu Grows a Nose explores important themes such as self-acceptance, inner beauty, and the impact of appearance on self-esteem. Through the character of Golu, readers are able to see the negative effects of societal pressure to conform to certain beauty standards. The story also introduces the character of the wise old man, who teaches Golu the importance of inner beauty and self-acceptance. By analyzing the characters and themes in Golu Grows a Nose, students can gain a deeper understanding of the story and its underlying messages.

In the delightful children's story, "Golu Grows a Nose," readers embark on a whimsical adventure with the endearing character Golu. This paragraph aims to provide insights into the various questions and answers related to the story, catering to the curiosity of young readers.

One of the intriguing questions that arises is, "Why did Golu go to the river?" In the enchanting tale, Golu visits the river to find a solution to his peculiar problem. Golu's fascinating journey at the river unfolds unexpected events, leading him to a remarkable transformation.

The story, "Golu Grows a Nose," belongs to Class 7 Hindi Chapter 5, captivating students with its engaging narrative and rich vocabulary. Along with the immersive storytelling experience, this chapter also focuses on word meanings, encouraging students to enhance their linguistic skills.

Moving on to the next question, "Which uncle of Golu had red eyes?" Within the narrative, readers encounter various characters, and one of Golu's uncles possesses an intriguing characteristic. This uncle, with red eyes, adds a touch of mystery to the story, leaving readers wondering about his significance.

For those seeking the meaning of the name "Golu" in Hindi, it signifies something round or plump, reflecting Golu's appearance and personality throughout the story. This exploration of name meanings contributes to a deeper understanding of the story's characters and their significance.

To aid students in their academic journey, there is a PDF available for Class 7 Hindi Chapter 5, providing a comprehensive question-answer format. This valuable resource offers a structured approach to learning and helps students grasp the essence of the story effectively.

Furthermore, for those looking for an extra question-answer resource related to "Golu Grows a Nose," additional materials can be found. These supplementary questions and answers provide an opportunity for further exploration and comprehension of the story's themes and events.

In a similar vein, Class 7 English also offers engaging chapters for Assamese medium students. Chapter 2, Chapter 7, and Chapter 8 are among the captivating sections available. These chapters provide thought-provoking questions and answers, enabling students to enhance their language skills while enjoying the immersive storytelling experience.

As students progress through the story, they encounter a summary that captures the essence of "Golu Grows a Nose." This concise overview provides a comprehensive understanding of the story's plot, character development, and the journey of Golu himself.

In conclusion, "Golu Grows a Nose" is a captivating story that sparks curiosity among readers. By exploring various questions and answers related to the story, students can dive deeper into the narrative, unraveling its enchanting elements. Whether it's understanding the meaning of Golu's name, exploring word meanings in Class 7 Hindi Chapter 5, or seeking additional question-answer resources, the story provides an engaging and educational experience for young minds.

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