The Kite Poem Class 6 NCERT Solutions: A Comprehensive Guide

The Kite Poem Class 6 NCERT Solutions: A Comprehensive Guide
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Discover the mysteries and delights of The Kite poem from your class 6 syllabus. This heart-warming journey through the skies is beautifully depicted in words. Grasp the essence of the poem by exploring The Kite Poem Class 6 Questions and Answers, and let your understanding soar high. This vividly detailed poem about a kite will capture your imagination with its simplicity and depth. Boost your grade by accessing our comprehensive The Kite Question Answer guide.

The Kite Poem Class 6 is a delightful blend of beauty and lessons, where every line narrates a story and every word carries a meaning. Recognized by students as The Kite, The Kite Class 6, Poem The Kite, and The Kite Poem, we simplify the complex layers of this poem into easily understood segments. We offer extensive coverage of The Kite Poem Question and Answers as well as The Kite Poem Questions and Answers. Whether it's Poem Kite or The Kite, our approach helps to elevate your language skills and nurtures a profound love for poetry. Learn, understand, and triumph with us as we explore The Kite together.


The poem is about a kite. Almost everyone loves kite-flying, especially when there is a breeze. The poet describes how the kite looks beautiful in the blue sky when there are no clouds. The poet compares the kite to a ship. As the ship sways with the wind, the kite, too, depends on it to fly higher. When the wind drops, the string gets loose, and the kite is pulled back. And again, when the wind blows, the kite soars higher and higher. The kite makes the sky look more beautiful. Eventually, the string will be cut off. As a result, the kite will drop itself on a tree and would get torn.


Questions (Page No. 28)

The kite class 6 questions and answers

Question 1. List out the action words in the poem.

dive, dip, snaps, _________, _________, _________, _________, _________

Find out the meanings of these words.


dive, dip, snaps, soars, rides, climbs, pulls, falls, run, blows, goes, flaps.

Question 2. Read these lines from the poem:

Then soars like a ship

With only a sail

The movement of the tailless kite is compared to a ship with a sail. This is called a simile. Can you suggest what or who the following actions may be compared to?

a.     He runs like ___________.

b.    He eats like ___________.

c.     She sings like ___________.

d.    It shines like ___________.

e.    It flies like ___________.


a.     He runs like snail.

b.    He eats like horse.

c.     She sings like canary.

d.    It shines like diamond.

e.    It flies like bird.

Question 3. Try to make a kite with your friends. Collect the things required such as colour paper/ newspaper, thread, glue, a thin stick that can be bent. After making the kite see if you can fly it.

Answer: Do it yourself.

As we approach the conclusion of our journey, we'd like to highlight some key aspects. The Kite Poem is not just a poem; it is a unique experience. For those seeking a Kite Poem in English, this piece will surely elevate your senses. We provide the comprehensive The Kite Poem Class 6 PDF to facilitate your reading at your convenience. For those interested in Hindi Poems for Class 6th Short, we cater to your needs as well. The charm of the Poem on Kite in English is its universality, and we celebrate this in our study materials.

For the lovers of Kites Poems, we have an array of content that is sure to captivate your imagination. We go a step further by providing The Kite Poem Class 6 Extra Questions and Answers, and The Kite Poem Class 6 Summary, to enhance your understanding. For our Hindi readers, we have a Kite Poem in Hindi and Kites Poem in Hindi, demonstrating our comprehensive coverage. In the end, the Little Kites Questions and Answers will be your guide to fully understanding this delightful poem. Enjoy this poetic journey with us, and experience the joy of kites in a completely new way.

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