Where Do All the Teachers Go? Ncert solutions for class 6 poem unit 5

Premium Where Do All the Teachers Go? Ncert solutions for class 6 poem unit 5
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Embark on an engaging literary journey with Where Do All The Teachers Go, a delightful poem that stirs curiosity and ignites imagination. Unravel the thought-provoking messages hidden in this fascinating piece by delving into Where Do All The Teachers Go Question Answers. Our comprehensive Where Do All The Teachers Go Question Answer guides are designed to enhance your understanding and appreciation of the poem. Whether you're exploring Where Do All Teachers Go, seeking Where Do All Teachers Go Question Answer, or studying Where Do All The Teachers Go Class 6, our resources are tailored to meet your educational needs. For students interested in Hindi Poetry For Class 5, we offer beautifully curated content to enrich your literary journey.

Immerse yourself in our diverse collection of Class 5 English Poems to broaden your literary horizons. The light-hearted perspective of this Poem in English on Teacher encapsulates the innocence and wonder of a child's viewpoint. For a complete understanding, we also provide a concise Where Do All Teachers Go Summary. Step into this intriguing world of poetry with us and foster a deep-rooted love for literature.



The poem "Where Do All the Teachers Go?", by Peter Dixon is narrated from a child's point of view. The child in the poem has a list of questions about his teachers. He begins by asking relatable questions like where his teachers go after school hours. He wonders if the teachers have a house where they have to perform daily works like washing socks.

Since he always sees his teachers as a professional in class, he wonders if they wear casual clothing and relaxes while watching TV. He talks about trivial things that children always do despite adults telling them not to, like picking one's nose. He wants to know if the teachers also had parents and others they had to obey. He ponders if the teachers had a childhood where they had faced issues like the inability to spell words, or being punished for pinching chocolate flakes.

The child further ponders that like normal children his age, if there was a time when the teachers had hated vegetables, had a bad memory, or lost their hymn books during prayers, had memories of scribbling on tops of desks or worn the same dirty jean unwashed. He finally declares that all his questions would be answered, as he plans to follow his teacher and spy on lifestyle, make a poem out of the answers so that people having similar questions could get them answered.


Questions (Page No. 68)

where do all the teachers go question answers

Question 1.

       i.          Why does the poet want to know where the teachers go at four ‘o’clock?

     ii.          What are the things normal people do that the poet talks about?

   iii.          What does he imagine about

a.     where teachers live?

b.    what they do at home?

c.     the people with whom they live?

d.    their activities when they were children in school?

   iv.          Why does the poet wonder if teachers also do things that other people do?

     v.          How does the poet plan to find out? What will he do once he finds out?


       i.          The poet does not consider teachers as ordinary people. He feels that they are special human beings. Hence, he wants to know where the teachers go at four o’clock and what they do after school hours.

     ii.          According to the poet, normal people live in houses, freshen up after returning home, wear pyjamas, wash their clothes, watch TV, live with their parents, make mistakes, lose books, get punished, scribble on their desks, wear old dirty jeans and linen, etc.


a.     He imagines that his teachers live in houses along with their families.

b.    They wash their socks, wear pyjamas at home, pick on their noses and even watch TV.

c.     They live with their parents and other family members.

d.    During childhood, even they were bad, made mistakes, spelled a word incorrectly and were punished for eating chocolates in class, they lost their hymn books, scribbled on desk tops or even wore dirty jeans, etc.

   iv.          The poet wonders if teachers also do things that other people do because he thinks that they are not ordinary, but special human beings. He assumes that these teachers are always strict, never made any mistakes and are ideal in all respects.

     v.          The poet decided to get first hand information of his teachers by following them on the way back home, so that he could find out what they do after reaching home. Once he knows what they do, he plans to compose a poem, which the teachers would then read out to their students.

Question 2. What do you think these phrases from the poem mean?

a.     punished in the corner

b.    leave their greens


a.     punished in the corner: This phrase means getting caught for a misdeed in class and made to stand in the corner of the classroom as a punishment.

b.    leave their greens: Some children leave cooked green vegetables uneaten or throw them into the dustbin. The phrase “leave their greens” in the poem means that teachers eat green vegetables and do not throw them away.

As we conclude our exploration of Where Do All The Teachers Go, we trust that you've gained a deeper understanding of this charming poem. Our detailed Where Do All The Teachers Go Question Answers aim to foster a greater appreciation of the intriguing themes this poem presents. Whether you've been delving into Where Do All Teachers Go, looking for Where Do All Teachers Go Question Answer, or studying Where Do All The Teachers Go Class 6, our resources are designed to meet your educational needs. We offer a delightful collection of Hindi Poetry For Class 5 and Class 5 English Poems for broader literary exploration.

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