The wonderful words - Ncert solutions for class 6 English Poem Unit 6

Premium The wonderful words - Ncert solutions for class 6 English Poem Unit 6
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Welcome to the fascinating world of The Wonderful Words, a captivating poem that celebrates the enchanting power of words and language. As part of the syllabus for Class 6, Wonderful Words Class 6 is designed to stimulate young minds, encouraging a love for poetry and an appreciation for the beauty of words. With our extensive The Wonderful Words Poem Questions and Answers resource, we aim to foster a deeper understanding of the text, helping students navigate through the rhythmic lines and metaphorical expressions.

The Wonderful Words Question Answer guide is a comprehensive tool that addresses every query a young reader might encounter during their literary exploration. We believe in thorough learning and thus, offer resources like The Wonderful Words Questions and Answers and Class 6 English The Wonderful Words. Our detailed The Wonderful Words Poem Summary distils the essence of the poem, aiding students in understanding its core message and themes. With our The Wonderful Words Poem Extra Questions and Answers, we dive deeper into the poem's analysis, encouraging a more profound engagement with the text. For easy access, we provide The Wonderful Words PDF to ensure a comfortable reading experience. No matter how you seek it, be it The Wonderful Words Poem Class 6 or any other variant, our goal is to guide you through this mesmerizing world of 'The Wonderful Words'. Dive in with us and let's explore the magic of language together.



The poem "The Wonderful Words", by Mary O'Neill talks about the importance of language in communicating with other people. Words help to bring thoughts into reality. The poet says that one must not hold back his/her thoughts, just because of the difficulty of putting it into words. If thoughts are held back, they tend to fade away and die permanently.

O'Neill says that the best language to put one's thoughts into words is English. English is compared to a game where one has to just match their thoughts with the related words in the language. By doing so, it is easy to make one's thoughts clear and understandable. There are a lot of unsaid things in the world which exists for the time being as mere thoughts. If these thoughts are given a form, then it would be an even better place. Just like how humans need basic essentials like food and clothing to survive, thoughts need words to put them into action. Words also have the power to change any situation.

Every individual longs to listen to a kind word. Kind words have the power to alter someone else's life, even if we do not realize it. Therefore only words can free the thoughts that are stagnated at the back of one's mind. Words are wonderful since it transforms thoughts to reality


the wonderful words poem questions and answers

Question 1. With your partner, complete the following sentences in your own words using the ideas in the poem.

       i.          Do not let a thought shrivel and die because ———————————


     ii.          English is a ————————————————————— with words that everyone can play.

   iii.          One has to match ————————————————————————————

   iv.          Words are the —————————————————————of thought.


       i.          you do not know how to say it.

     ii.          wonderful game

   iii.          the words to the brightest thoughts in one’s head.

   iv.          food and dress

Question 2. In groups of four discuss the following lines and their meanings.

       i.          All that you do is match the words

To the brightest thoughts in your head

     ii.          For many of the loveliest things

Have never yet been said

   iii.          And everyone’s longing today to hear

Some fresh and beautiful thing

   iv.          But only words can free a thought

From its prison behind your eyes


       i.          The given lines mean that when someone has a thought in one’s head and does not know how to say it, one should just use English words to pick the most accurate words that express one’s thought in the best possible way.

     ii.          Through these lines, the poet says that there are so many beautiful things that have never been written. It is wrong to perceive that everything that is good, has already been said by someone or the other.

   iii.          A fresh thought or idea is always welcomed by people as everyone is waiting for it.

   iv.          The human mind is a huge treasure where all the thoughts and ideas take birth. To express those thoughts or ideas, only words can help.

As we draw our journey with The Wonderful Words to a close, we hope that our exploration has not only enriched your understanding but also kindled a love for the beauty of words. For those interested in a bilingual exploration, we offer The Wonderful Words Poem in Hindi, which embodies the poem's charm in a different linguistic light. Our detailed The Wonderful Words Poem Explanation and The Wonderful Words Summary in English provide an insightful dissection of the poem's key themes and stylistic elements.

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