The Summer Of The Beautiful White Horse Question Answers: NCERT

Premium The Summer Of The Beautiful White Horse Question Answers: NCERT
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The Summer of the beautiful white horse question answer: NCERT snapshots class 11 chapter 1

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The Summer of the beautiful white horse class 11 summary

-by William Saroyan

Aram's Recall of an Experience

Aram remembers an experience when he was 9 year old. The world for Aram, at that time, seemed to be delightful and joyous. Mourad, whom everybody considered crazy, came at four in the morning and woke up Aram by tapping on the window of Aram's room. It was summer, with daybreak just around the corner. Aram jumped out of bed and could not believe his eyes. Mourad was sitting on a beautiful white horse. Mourad asked him to be quick if he wanted to ride. Aram had always longed to ride a horse, but they were poor. They couldn't afford a horse.

The Garoghlanian Family

The Garoghlanian family was poor as they had no money. Their whole tribe was poverty-stricken. But most important of all was that they were famous for their honesty. From a long time, they had built up a reputation for being proud and honest. They would never even take advantage of anyone.

Aram's Explanation About the White Horse

Aram asked Mourad if he had stolen the horse. Mourad called him out instead of answering. Aram was sure that the horse was stolen as they were both very crazy about riding horses. To console himself in a childish manner, Aram thought that stealing a horse for a ride was not the same as stealing something like money. It wouldn't have been stealing until they offered to sell the horse.

Aram could not Resist the Offer

Aram got ready and jumped out of the window. As they lived on the boundary of the town on Walnut Avenue, there was the vast countryside full of orchards, vineyards and irrigation ditches nearby. In a few moments, both Aram and Mourad were having a wonderful time riding the horse. Mourad started singing out of excitement and enjoyment.

The Family's Crazy Streak

Mourad was considered the natural inheritor of the crazy streak of their tribe. Before Mourad, uncle Khosrove was considered as crazy in the family. Khosrove had a powerful head of black hair and the largest moustache in the San Joaquin valley. Mourad was considered a crazy boy, though his father, Mr Zorab, was a practical man without having any crazy streak.

Aram Rides the Horse Alone

After enjoying the horse ride together, Mourad wanted to ride the horse alone. Mourad kicked the horse and it started running. After five minutes, Mourad stopped. Now, Aram also wanted to ride the horse alone: Mourad was not sure that Aram could ride the horse alone, as he did not know that how to control a horse.

Aram leaped on to the back of the horse and for a moment felt a fear like he had never felt before. He kicked into the muscles of the horse; then it started running. Instead of running across the field, the horse ran to the vineyard and leaped over seven vines before Aram fell. Mourad came running, as he was worried about the horse. He wanted to get hold of the horse and take him back before anyone could see him. The horse got lost. Both of them searched for the horse in different directions. It took half an hour for them to find it.

The Boys Decided to Hide the Horse

It was morning and Mourad was thinking either to take the horse back or hide it until the next morning. Aram concluded that Mourad was going to hide it. Aram again asked Mourad if he had stolen the horse. Mourad avoided answering the question.

He told Aram to tell everyone that they started riding the horse that very morning, if someone found out. They took the horse to the deserted vineyard of a farmer named Fetvajian and hid it in the barn.

John Byro's Sadness Over his Missing

Horse In the afternoon, uncle Khosrove came to Aram's house for coffee and cigarettes. Then another visitor arrived, a farmer named John Byro. He said that his white horse which was stolen the previous month was still missing and untraceable. John Byro also explained that his carriage was no good without a horse and he had to walk ten miles to reach there.

Aram Informed Mourad About John Byro

Aram went to Mourad and informed him about John Byro's visit. He further informed Mourad that he should not return the horse until Aram had learnt riding. Mourad replied that it would take him a year to learn and they could not keep a horse for one year, as it would amount to stealing.

Finally, they decided to return it after six months to its true owner. Every morning, for two weeks, they rode the horse. Every time the horse threw Aram and ran away. But Aram kept his hope alive and hoped to ride the horse the way Mourad rode. One morning they were on their way to the vineyard when they encountered John Byro. He inquired about the name of the horse with them. Mourad said that its name was 'My Heart'. John Byro kept observing the horse very keenly.

The Boys Decide to Return the Horse

The farmer looked into the horse's mouth and found that the teeth matched those of his stolen horse. He said that he could swear that the horse was his, if he didn't know their parents and the fame of their family for honesty. But the horse appeared to be the twin of his stolen horse.

Early the following morning, the boys took the horse to John Byro's vineyard and left it there. The dogs followed them silently. Aram thought they would bark. Mourad said that he had a way with dogs and that's why they didn't bark. That very afternoon, John Byro came to the narrator's house. He was very happy and thanked God. His horse had become stronger and better tempered. Uncle Khosrove again shouted at him to be quiet, as his horse had been returned.                                                                                                                                                                                                         

NCERT Solutions for  snapshot class 11 chapter 1

the summer of the beautiful white horse question answers

(Reading with Insight)

Question 1. You will probably agree that this story does not have breathless adventure and exciting action. Then what in your opinion makes it interesting?

Answer: Even though the storyline is not that adventurous, the way in which the entire scene is described by the author makes it very interesting. However, the element that makes it all the more engaging is the smooth flow of emotional narration. This has been addressed from the perspective of a nine-year-old boy. The boy, who is from a poor family, who is known for his morality, cannot fathom that his brother could steal a horse to ride. This in itself is interesting for the boy. Every idea that passes through the mind of the boy, after looking at the horse, has been romanticized by the writer. Riding the stolen horse and hiding it carefully are great feats of adventure for the two boys. But their family is recognized for their morality and the same streak is also present in them. After a while, they overcome their desire and return the horse to its rightful owner.

Question 2. Did the boys return the horse because they were conscience-stricken or because they were afraid?

Answer: In the entire story, the boys have been characterized as fearless. It was their rage towards the horse that made them steal one horse. When they had the horse for several months, the farmer John Byro visited their house and saw the horse. John Byro recognized his horse but refused to believe that Mourad and Aram had stolen it. He, however, did not say anything to the boys, rather honoring their family for its honesty. This was the circumstance when the conscience-stricken boys decided to return the horse.

Question 3. “One day back there in the good old days when I was nine and the world was full of every imaginable kind of magnificence, and life was still a delightful and mysterious dream…” The story begins in a mood of 2019-20 nostalgia. Can you narrate some incident from your childhood that might make an interesting story?

Answer: When I was nine-year-old I had learned to drive a bicycle and my father had bought me a brand new bicycle which had the gear system. Most of my friends were so amazed by the bike that they wanted to ride it. We decided that all of us would take our bikes to a cemented road and drive it there. While looking out for the best place to ride our bicycles, we travelled from our houses to the Bypass, 5 km away, where we drove the cycles. However, since none of our parents knew about our adventure it was the scariest thing to do as anyone could have met with an accident.

Question 4. The story revolves around characters who belong to a tribe in Armenia. Mourad and Aram are members of the Garoghlanian family. Now locate Armenia and Assyria on the atlas and prepare a write-up on the Garoghlanian tribes. You may write about people, their names, traits, geographical and economic features as suggested in the story.

Answer: The Garoghlanian family was an Armenian tribe. Eleven centuries ago it was the wealthiest tribe in that part of the world. The members of the tribe were recognized for their morality. They ended up settling in regions such as Fresno and California. The Garoghlanian tribe is a group that works in modern conditions, while carrying in their mind the values of the past of their native Armenia. They were proud of their family. Honesty was vital and they had a fair sense of wrong and right.

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