Animal Fibres class 7 | worksheet and Printable

Animal Fibres class 7 | worksheet and Printable
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Animal Fibres class 7 | worksheet and Printable 

Animal Fibres class 7. Download animal fibres class 7 worksheet based on the latest CBSE syllabus including MCQ, one-word answer and long questions.

Animal Fibres (Points to remember)

Carding: Passing the wool fibres through a series of metal teeth to straighten them.

Cocoon: The stage in the silkworm's life cycle in which the larva spins silk threads around itself

Grading: The process of sorting the wool according to the length, colour and texture of fibres.

Sericulture: Rearing of silkworm for the production of silk

Sorting: The process by which the damaged wool is removed from the fleece.

Mohair comes from Angora goat while angora comes from the Angora rabbit

Yak wool is popular in Tibet and Ladakh.

Anthrax: People working in the wool industry sometimes get infected by a bacterium called anthrax.

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