Structure of the matter class 7 worksheets

Premium Structure of the matter class 7 worksheets
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Structure of the matter class 7 worksheets 

´╗┐Download structure of matter class 7 worksheets based on the latest syllabus including MCQ, fill in the blanks, and long questions on the structure of matter topic. 

Structure of Matter

What is matter?

Anything that has mass, occupies space and can be perceived by our senses is called matter. Thus, the air we breathe is also made of matter. Matter exists in three states solid, liquid and gas and the fourth state of matter is plasma.

Atom: Atom is the smallest structural unit of any element

Molecule: Molecule is formed when two or more atoms combine together.

Element: Element is a substance made up of the same kind of atoms

Compound: Compound is a substance that consists of atoms of two or more elements combined together chemically in a definite proportion.

Mixture:  A substance that consists of two or more different elements and or compounds physically mixed together.

Chemical symbols: Abbreviated forms of the names of elements.

Chemical formula: Symbolic representation of the name of a compound

Key Features

Topic: Matter and chemical formula / Structure of matter

Grade: 7 ( Useful till 10 std for concept building and for ISO Exam)

Type: Worksheet (PDF)

Type of Questions: Fill in the blanks, MCQ Type, Balancing the equation, Long questions and answer, Differentiate, etc

Printable: Yes

Extra questions and Answers: Available

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