Conservation of Plants and Animals class 8

Conservation of Plants and Animals class 8
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Conservation of Plants and Animals class 8

´╗┐conservation of plants and animals for class 8. Download Conservation of Plants and Animals class 8 worksheet based on the latest CBSE syllabus. including questions based on fill-in blanks, answer in one word, long questions, and more. 

Conservation of Plants and Animals for class 8 chapter 7 NCERT 

Flora: Species of all plants found in a particular area

Fauna: Species of all animals found in a particular area

Biosphere reserve: A huge area that offers protection to plants, animals, and also the tribal communities that may exist in the forest area

Desertification: The gradual transformation of fertile land into a useless tract of land or a desert

Endemic species: Plants and animals that are exclusively found in a particular area.

Endangered species: Plants and animals that are in danger of becoming extinct in the near future

´╗┐A great variety of plants and animals exist on earth. They are essential for the well-being and survival of mankind. Today, a major threat to survival of these organisms is deforestation. We know that deforestation means clearing of forests and using that land for other purposes. deforestation increases the temperature and pollution level on the earth. It increases the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The increase in temperature on the earth disturbs the water cycle and may reduce rainfall. This could cause droughts.

Fewer trees result in more soil erosion. Removal of the top layer of the soil exposes the lower, hard and rocky layers. This soil has less humus and is less fertile. Gradually the fertile land gets converted into deserts. It is called desertification.

Biosphere is that part of the earth in which living organisms exist or which supports life. Biological diversity or biodiversity, refers to the variety of organisms existing on the earth, their interrelationships and their relationship with the environment.

To protect our flora and fauna and their habitats, protected areas called wildlife sanctuaries, national parks and biosphere reserves have beenand biosphere reserves have been earmarked. Plantation, cultivation, and biosphere reserves have been earmarked. Plantation, cultivation, earmarked. Plantation, cultivation, grazing, felling trees, hunting and poaching are prohibited there.

Wildlife Sanctuary: Areas where animals are protected from any disturbance to them and their habitat.

National Park : Areas reserved for wild life where they can freely use the habitats and natural resources.

Biosphere Reserve : Large areas of protected land for conservation of wild life, plant and animal resources and traditional life of the tribals living in the area.

The plants and animals found in a particular area are termed flora and fauna respectively of that area.

Endemic species are those species of plants and animals which are found exclusively in a particular area. They are not naturally found anywhere else. A particular type of animal or plant may be endemic to a zone, a state or a country Madhavji shows sal and wild mango are the two examples of the endemic flora of the Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve. Bison, Indian giant squirrel  and flying squirrel are endemic fauna of this area.

Rock shelters are also found inside the Satpura National Park. These are evidence of prehistoric human life in these jungles. These give us an idea of the life of primitive people.

Project Tiger was launched by the government to protect the tigers in the country. The objective of this project was to ensure the survival and maintenance of the tiger population in the country.

Animals whose numbers are diminishing to a level that they might face extinction are known as endangered animals. example Wild buffalo.

Red Data Book is the sourcebook that keeps a record of all the endangered animals and plants. Red Data Book is maintained all the endangered animals and plants. Red Data Book is maintained internationally by an organization. India also maintains Red Data Book for plants and animals found in India.

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