The wonder called sleep worksheet with answer class 6 chapter 6 NCERT

Premium The wonder called sleep worksheet with answer class 6 chapter 6 NCERT
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If you're studying class 6 chapter 6 of NCERT's "The Wonder Called Sleep" and need a comprehensive worksheet with answers, you've come to the right place. This worksheet will help you test your understanding of the chapter and provide you with the answers you need to ace your studies.

Dive deep into the intriguing world of The Wonder Called Sleep with our comprehensive PDF guide. Whether you're a class 6 student eager to learn or someone seeking the profound meaning in Hindi, this resource offers it all. Test your knowledge with challenging MCQs, marvel at the artistic interpretations through our curated drawings, and find step-by-step solutions to all your queries. With The Wonder Called Sleep, unravel the mysteries of rest, dreams, and the magic that ensues when we close our eyes. Don't miss out on this captivating journey – download the PDF and experience the wonder today!

The wonder of sleep  - The wonder of sleep chapter summary

The lesson "The Wonder Called Sleep" talks about the concept of sleep. Sleep is a state of unconscious rest.  During this state, our body and mind drift into a state of unconsciousness. When we sleep, our body starts recovering from the tiredness caused by the day’s activities. Several things happen to our body while we are sleeping. Our biological system repairs and rejuvenates, our muscles relax, our heartbeats become slower, our temperature and blood pressure go down, our minds and bodies grow stronger, and we gain more immunity power during our sleep. The ever-active brain also slows down so that we won’t be able to think or act consciously. Moreover, we have dreams.

Dream, an activity of mind, is a series of events, thoughts, images, and sensations that happen in our mind when we are sleeping. Dreams can be probable or improbable in nature, but they can never reveal anything about the future. Dreams are essential because it can help us sleep through the night without disturbances. Also, it can tell a lot about one’s problems.

Though sleep is a common experience, it is filled with wonders and packed with power. The poem "Lights Out" by Edward Thomas describes the concept of sleep at its best. It tells us the experience of falling asleep, and it makes us wonder at the beauty and the mysterious nature of sleep. At the same time, the poem also explains how inevitable the sleep is. Once you are in the border, you cannot refrain yourself from falling asleep.

the wonder called sleep question answers

Question 1. What is the most obvious advantage of sleep?

Answer: The most obvious advantage of sleep is that it helps our body and brain recover from fatigue caused by the day’s activities. After a good sleep and the rest that it gives, we become alert and active again and ready for the normal activities of the day.

Question 2. What happens to our body when we sleep?

Answer: Several things happen to our body when we sleep. As we sink deeper into sleep, our muscles relax more and more. Our heartbeat becomes slower. Our temperature and blood pressure go down. Our ever-active brain also slows down so that we can’t think or act consciously. Our body is able to recover from fatigue caused by the day’s activities.

Question 3. Define a dream in your own words.

Answer: A dream is an activity of the mind that happens when we are asleep. It can also be defined as a series of thoughts, emotions and images that take place in a person’s mind during sleep.

Question 4. Why are dreams important? Mention two reasons.

Answer: Dreams are important for various reasons. One is that dream can help us to sleep through noise or other disturbances. Secondly, dreams often reveal a great deal about one’s problem. If understood correctly, they can provide a key to the solution of those problems.

Question 5. Why has sleep been called a wonder?

Answer: Sleep has been called a wonder because although we still do not know what exactly causes sleep, we do know enough about what sleep is and the benefits we receive after having a good sleep. Sleep after all helps both our body and brain recover from fatigue caused by the day’s activities.

Question 6. Describe briefly to the class an improbable dream you have ever had.

Answer: This question requires you to use your own perspective as well as your analytical skills. The answer to the question would vary from one person to another. It is suggested that you read the text carefully and try attempting it your own.

In conclusion, the allure of The Wonder of Sleep extends far beyond its pages. If you're in class 6 and looking to dive deeper, our The Wonder of Sleep worksheet is tailored just for you. Coupled with the rich content of NCERT Class 6 Chapter 6, it provides an in-depth exploration of this captivating topic. From Class 6 English worksheets to comprehensive extra question answers related to The Wonder of Sleep, we have all the resources to ensure a holistic understanding. Explore, learn, and be enchanted by the intricate details of sleep and its wonders with our dedicated resources.

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