Getting to Know Plants class 6 worksheet with answer - PDF

Premium Getting to Know Plants class 6 worksheet with answer - PDF
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Getting to Know Plants class 6 chapter 4 worksheets with answer - 48 questions 

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Getting to Know Plants

Getting to know plants in class 6 is an intriguing and vital subject that delves into the fascinating world of plants and how they are classified. Understanding this classification helps students recognize and appreciate the diversity of plant life around them.

One key aspect of this topic is the classification of plants into three main categories: herbs, shrubs, and trees.

  1. Herbs: These are small plants with soft and tender stems. They usually have a short life span and might have medicinal properties. Examples include grass, mint, and basil.

  2. Shrubs: Shrubs are medium-sized plants with a hard stem but not as hard as trees. They have branches near the ground level, and examples include rose, hibiscus, and lavender.

  3. Trees: Trees are the tallest of the three and have a hard and woody stem called the trunk. Their height and strong stems allow them to live for many years. Examples include oak, pine, and mango trees.

Another vital part of the getting to know plants curriculum in class 6 is understanding the various parts of a plant, which include:

  • Root: The part that is usually underground and helps in absorbing water and nutrients.
  • Stem: It supports the plant and carries water, nutrients, and food to different parts.
  • Leaves: These are the food-making factories of the plant, where photosynthesis happens.
  • Flowers: Flowers are the reproductive parts of plants, often colorful and fragrant to attract pollinators.
  • Fruits: Fruits contain seeds and often provide food for animals, including humans.
  • Seeds: Seeds are the future plants waiting to grow; they contain all the necessary parts to form a new plant.

Learning about these classifications and parts of a plant helps class 6 students connect with nature and understand the vital roles that plants play in our ecosystem. Whether it's appreciating the beauty of a blooming flower or understanding how trees contribute to the environment, this topic fosters curiosity and respect for the natural world. It's a foundational step towards a more profound appreciation of biology and environmental science.

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