Printable Air Around Us class 6 Worksheet with Answers Mcq Included

Premium Printable Air Around Us class 6 Worksheet with Answers Mcq Included
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Air Around Us Class 6 Worksheet With Answer MCQ Included - PDF 

Air around us is a fascinating topic that every student in class 6 must explore. At witknowlearn, we have everything you need to dive into this subject. From class 6 science air around us pdf to air around us class 6 notes, we provide a wide range of resources. We also offer air around us class 6 worksheet with answers and air around us class 6 questions and answers that make learning interactive and fun. Are you looking for more challenges? Try our air around us class 6 mcq online test and see how much you know about the subject! If you need a visual guide, our air around us class 6 mind map can help you understand the topic better. We even have class 6 chapter 11 worksheet and class 6 chapter 11 science materials to give you a comprehensive understanding of this intriguing subject. Witknowlearn ensures that learning about the air around us is engaging, enlightening, and easy for both students and parents. Explore our resources and begin your journey of understanding the world we breathe in!

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class 6 air around us - what is air class 6

Air is everywhere around us. It's a mixture of many gases, including oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and rare gases, all mixed with water. Air is necessary for life, and no living thing can exist without it.

What is the Atmosphere?

The atmosphere is a thick blanket of air that covers the Earth's surface up to 500 km. It does important jobs like protecting us from UV rays of the sun, maintaining the water cycle and Earth's temperature, and providing oxygen for breathing.

Properties of Air

Air has some interesting properties:

  • It's colorless, tasteless, and odorless.
  • It has mass and takes up space.
  • It can dissolve in water and be compressed.

Constituents of Air

Air consists of gases like hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and others, with dust particles. Each gas has unique properties and roles in the creation of life.

Uses of Air

Air is made of different gases with specific uses:

  • Nitrogen: It controls burning, helps plants grow, and is used in drugs, dyes, and food preservation.
  • Oxygen: It is needed by all living things for breathing and helps in burning fuel.
  • Carbon dioxide: Essential for photosynthesis and respiration, and used in soft drinks, dry ice, and fire extinguishers.
  • Water Vapour: Causes evaporation and forms clouds, affecting humidity.
  • Dust and Smoke: Found in air, affecting cleanliness.

Oxygen Cycle and Ozone Layer

The oxygen cycle maintains the oxygen level through photosynthesis and respiration. Cutting trees and urbanization affect this balance and cause global warming. The ozone layer absorbs UV rays and protects us from eye problems and skin cancer.

Uses Of Air

Air has many uses:

  • It helps spread pollen grains and seeds.
  • Generates electricity through windmills.
  • Inflates vehicle tires.
  • Essential for respiration, photosynthesis, and flying objects like airplanes.


When harmful materials like smoke mix with air, they pollute it. Causes include emissions from factories, burning coal and fuel, volcanic eruptions, forest fires, and decay of vegetation. Air pollution can lead to lung disorders and eye problems.

Understanding air around us, its properties, components, uses, and challenges is a vital part of class 6 science. Explore more on this topic through our class 6 science air around us pdf, air around us class 6 worksheet with answers, and other resources at witknowlearn. Our air around us class 6 mcq online test, class 6 chapter 11 science material, and more will make learning engaging and straightforward. Dive into the air around us class 6 notes and become an expert on this fascinating subject!

Understanding the air around us is an integral part of the class 6 science curriculum. At witknowlearn, we provide all the resources you need to master this subject. If you're looking for detailed study materials, our air around us class 6 notes pdf is the perfect guide. To test your knowledge and get hands-on practice, you can utilize the air around us class 6 worksheet with answers, available in both print and pdf formats. Our air around us worksheet for class 6 is designed to make learning interactive and engaging. Want more challenges? Try our mcq on air around us class 6 for a comprehensive test of your understanding.

For students who need extra practice, our class 6 science chapter 16 air around us question answer guide provides detailed explanations. To dive even deeper, you can explore class 6 science air around us extra questions available on our platform. Looking for specific exercises? Our air around us class 6 fill in the blanks activities will make learning fun and interactive.

Witknowlearn is dedicated to making the learning process simple and effective for students, parents, and teachers. We provide all the necessary tools and resources to make the subject of air around us class 6 accessible and engaging. From worksheets, notes, and MCQs to extra questions and fill-in-the-blanks activities, we've got you covered. Explore our vast array of educational resources and discover a new, exciting way to learn about the air around us. Whether you're a student looking to excel in your studies or a parent seeking effective learning materials for your child, witknowlearn is your one-stop destination for all things related to air around us in class 6. Join us in this educational journey and experience a new world of learning!

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