Challanging 45 Questions Integers class 7 worksheet with Answer - PDF

Premium Challanging 45 Questions Integers class 7 worksheet with Answer - PDF
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45 Challanging integers worksheet for class 7 with Answer - PDF

Are you looking for the best way to help your Class 7 student understand integers? Look no further! At WitKnowLearn, we offer an exceptional range of resources tailored for Class 7, Chapter 1 Maths. Our integers Class 7 worksheet is an excellent tool for grasping the core concepts of integers. What's more, our worksheet is filled with different types of questions including integers sums, word problems on integers for Class 7, and even MCQ on integers to test their knowledge. Yes, you read it right! We have Class 7 integers MCQ to make learning more interactive and fun.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive platform where students and parents can find integers Class 7 extra questions to practice and prepare for exams. Don't miss out on this valuable resource; it's the perfect way to boost your child's math skills and confidence. Come explore our integers worksheet for Class 7 today and give your child the academic edge they deserve!

 What is an integer in maths

Definition and examples of integers

In maths, an integer is a whole number that can be positive, negative, or zero. It doesn't have any fractional or decimal parts. So, the definition of integers includes numbers like -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, and so on.

Integers Meaning in Hindi:

In Hindi, integers are called "पूर्णांक" (Poornank). These are numbers that can be positive, negative, or zero and don't have any fractional or decimal parts.

Examples of an Integer:

  • Positive Integers: 1, 2, 3, 4...
  • Negative Integers: -1, -2, -3, -4...
  • Zero: 0

Integers Addition and Subtraction with Examples:


  • Adding Positive Integers: 2+3=5
  • Adding Negative Integers: 2+(3)=5


  • Subtracting Positive from Positive: 53=2
  • Subtracting Negative from Positive: 5(3)=8

Integers Multiplication:

Multiplying integers is pretty straightforward. The rule is simple:

  • Positive x Positive = Positive ..,23=6
  • Negative x Negative = Positive ..,23=6
  • Positive x Negative = Negative ..,23=6

Integer Questions for Class 7:

  1. What is 2+3?
  2. What is 5+3?
  3. What is 24?

Integers Division:

When you divide integers, the rules are similar to multiplication.

  • Positive ÷ Positive = Positive ..,6÷3=2
  • Negative ÷ Negative = Positive ..,6÷3=2
  • Positive ÷ Negative = Negative ..,6÷3=2

Integers Properties:

  1. Closure: When you add or multiply two integers, the result is always an integer.
  2. Associative: For addition and multiplication, the way integers are grouped doesn't affect the result. (+)+=+(+)
  3. Commutative: The order in which integers are added or multiplied doesn't affect the result. +=+
  4. Existence of Identity: For addition, zero is the identity. For multiplication, 1 is the identity.
  5. Existence of Inverse: Every integer has an additive inverse. For example, the additive inverse of 5 is -5.

Integers Rules:

  1. Addition:

    • Positive + Positive = Positive
    • Negative + Negative = Negative
    • Positive + Negative = Subtract the numbers and take the sign of the larger number.
  2. Subtraction: Change the sign of the number to be subtracted and then add.


  3. Multiplication & Division:

    • Positive x Positive = Positive
    • Negative x Negative = Positive
    • Positive x Negative = Negative

Integers Formula:

  1. Addition: +
  2. Subtraction:
  3. Multiplication:
  4. Division: ÷, 0

Is Zero an Integer?

Yes, zero is an integer. It is neither positive nor negative and serves as the "identity element" for addition, meaning when you add zero to any integer, the number doesn't change.

Unlock the full potential of learning integers with our comprehensive class 7th integers worksheet. At WitKnowLearn, we believe in simplifying maths to make it enjoyable and accessible for every student. Whether you're looking to practice integers sums with answers or aiming to solve a wide range of problems on integers, our worksheets have got you covered. They're not just a bunch of integers questions; these are thoughtfully designed integer practice problems that mimic real-world applications.

Our class 7 integers worksheet is perfect for mastering the art of integers addition and subtraction, as well as integers multiplication and division. We know how important it is for students to get the hang of integers numbers definition and their placement on the integers number line. That's why our worksheets offer a balanced mix of theoretical and practical exercises to make learning integers a walk in the park.

Teachers can seamlessly integrate our maths worksheet for class 7 integers into their lesson plans, ensuring their students get ample practice. The integers worksheet with answers included makes it easier for parents and educators to evaluate a student's performance quickly. And hey, if you've mastered all that and are looking for a challenge, we even offer integers questions for class 8!

In a nutshell, our worksheet on integers for class 7 with answers is the one-stop solution for all your integers exercises for class 7 needs. Stop flipping through dozens of books and websites when you can find everything compiled in one easy-to-navigate package. Whether you're a student, a teacher, or a parent trying to help your child excel in math, our resources offer a comprehensive and interactive approach to understanding integers problems. So don't wait, dive into our class 7th integers worksheet today and turn those numbers into child's play!

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