NCERT Class 7 Chapter 5 English Worksheet with Answer - PDF

NCERT Class 7 Chapter 5 English Worksheet with Answer - PDF
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Step up your English learning game with WitKnowLearn's comprehensive resources designed especially for NCERT Class 7 Chapter 5 English. From diving into the depth of 'Quality' with our Quality Class 7 English worksheet to exploring the poetic intricacies of 'Trees' through Trees Class 7 worksheet with answer, we have something for everyone. These study aids are perfect for students looking to gain a strong grasp on Class 7 Ch 5 English, as well as for parents and teachers aiming to provide the best educational support.

Discover the joys of poetry with our Class 7 Poem 5 Trees worksheet, which is a part of the popular Honeycomb Class 7 curriculum. Our worksheets are the perfect companions for anyone who wants to delve into the chapters and poems deeply. And don't worry about finding the right answers; our worksheets come with comprehensive solutions to make learning smooth and enjoyable.

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Whether you're a student, a parent, or a teacher, our Class 7 English worksheet collection is your one-stop-shop for educational excellence. So don't wait, take advantage of these invaluable resources to excel in NCERT Class 7 Chapter 5 English. Make learning a breeze with WitKnowLearn today!

Quality Class 7 Worksheet with Answer

Understanding the depth of the story 'Quality' is now easier than ever with our Class 7 worksheet complete with answers. This worksheet offers a variety of questions that delve into the key themes, characters, and plot of the story. It's an indispensable resource for students who want to test their understanding of the chapter. Parents and teachers will also find it very useful for helping young learners grasp the intricacies of this chapter. And guess what? You can download this useful resource right from our notes section. Count on WitKnowLearn for an enriching and fruitful learning journey.

Quality Class 7 English summary

The lesson 'Quality' written by John Galsworthy is about the sad story of the Gessler brothers who invested their lives in the art of bootmaking. The Gessler brother did their work with high quality and dedication. They were German immigrants who set up their business in the fashionable bystreet of London. The author had known him since his childhood. He was a loyal customer of Gessler.

The name Gessler Brothers was all that was written on Gessler's signboard. There were only a few pairs of boots on display as he did not make any ready-to-wear boots. He designed what the consumers wanted, and they (boots) never failed to fit. Gessler's boots were of exceptional quality. Furthermore, the Gessler brothers were confident in their skills and did not advertise their product.

According to the author, Gessler was the best bootmaker in London. He was always amazed by Gessler's handiwork. And, because of their (product's) exceptional quality, Gessler's boots lasted for an extended period. As a result, the author did not have the opportunity to visit Gessler's shop often. Once, the author inquired about the difficulties of the bootmaker's task, to which he answered with a smile that, 'it was an art'.

Another time, the author went into Gessler's shop wearing the boots he had bought from a big firm. Gessler noticed the author's boots and informed him that those were not his boots. Also, he pointed to a spot on the left boot where the author felt uncomfortable. He then spoke about big firms and explained to the author how those large firms ruined small businesses like Gessler's. The narrator felt terrible and ordered a pair of boots.

After two years, when the author visited Gessler's shop, he learnt that Gessler's elder brother was dead. Again, he ordered many pair of boots and went abroad after that.

When the author returned to London, he went to Gessler's shop and was shocked to see him looking old and worn, as if he had grown fifteen years in just a year. The author felt sorry for Gessler and ordered a variety of boots for him. A week after receiving Gessler' orders, the author went to Gessler's shop to thank him for his excellent boot design.

However, an Englishman attended the author instead of Gessler and told him that Gessler died of slow starvation since he never had time to eat because of his hard work. He also mentioned how, despite being the best bootmaker and working until the last minute, Gessler could not keep up with his competition. The story ends with a depressing end.

Trees Class 7 Poem Worksheet with Answer

Looking to unravel the poetic elements of the poem 'Trees'? Our Class 7 poem worksheet with answers is designed to guide you through the essence of this beautiful poem. Ideal for students, the worksheet prompts thought-provoking questions that help explore the various layers of the poem. Parents and teachers will also appreciate the included answers for facilitating an effective and smooth learning process. Don't miss out on this valuable resource; you can easily download it from our notes section and take a deeper dive into the poetic world of 'Trees'. Choose WitKnowLearn to make your English studies fruitful and enjoyable.

Trees Class 7 Poem summary

The poem 'Trees' by Shirley Bauer revolves around the importance of trees in our lives. The poet lists out all the purposes of trees in our daily lives. Trees serve as home to all birds. Birds build nests and lay eggs on tree tops. Trees can even serve children by helping them have fun when they play games. They can hide behind their tree trunks when they play hide and seek. They trap kites which children fly around. As for adults, they do not recognise the tree's worth even when they enjoy all the benefits. They organise tea parties and enjoy the shade that it provides when it is hot in summer. They do not pay attention to trees in winter. They make tree houses by reshaping trees. They make swings and even cut out its branches for timber. Unlike the trees, they discriminate between an apple and pear tree. When it is autumn and the leaves fall, the mothers think about adoring the beauty and painting the scene. The fathers think about collecting the leaves together and making money by selling it.

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