Printable kings and kingdoms Class 7 Worksheet With Answer - 72 Questions

Premium Printable kings and kingdoms Class 7 Worksheet With Answer - 72 Questions
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New kings and kingdoms Class 7 Worksheet With Answer - 72 Questions

Discover the fascinating world of ancient rulers, their reigns, and empires with our Kings and Kingdoms Class 7 worksheet. Perfectly tailored for Class 7 students, this worksheet not only complements the Class 7 Chapter 2 history curriculum but also provides a comprehensive understanding of the topic. But what sets our worksheet apart? It comes with answers! Yes, the Kings and Kingdoms Class 7 worksheet with answer is a self-sufficient guide that allows students to evaluate themselves instantly.

If you are a teacher or a parent looking for detailed insights into the topic, our Kings and Kingdoms Class 7 notes are just what you need. These notes break down complex historical events into easily understandable chunks. They serve as excellent prep material for Class 7 Chapter 2 History tests and add an extra layer of understanding for students who want to delve deeper.

For those who enjoy a quick check of their historical know-how, our Kings and Kingdoms Class 7 MCQ with answer are incredibly handy. These multiple-choice questions offer a fast and fun way to gauge your grasp of key terms and concepts, making them an essential part of your History Chapter 2 Class 7 study plan.

What's more? We also provide Kings and Kingdoms Class 7 extra question answer sets for students aiming to outshine their peers. These additional questions offer deeper insights into the subject, enriching your understanding and preparing you for any surprise questions that may come your way.

So, whether you're a parent, a teacher, or a student, our Class 7 history chapter 2 resources offer an all-encompassing package for understanding Kings and Kingdoms in detail. Don't miss out; dig into history like never before!

kings and kingdoms Class 7

Emergence of New Kingdoms

During the start of the medieval era, new rulers and kingdoms came up in India. Big landlords became powerful supporters of kings, known as samanthas. Some of these samanthas became so strong that they beat their kings and created their own areas of control. Kings used special rituals to show they had the right to rule, even if they weren't from a royal family.


Kings had fancy titles but often had to share their power with these samanthas, as well as with rich traders and religious leaders. Money was collected from all kinds of people like farmers and traders. This money was used for building forts and temples and keeping a big army. High-ranking people who were trusted by the king usually collected the money, and these jobs often stayed within families.

Land Grants

Kings gave land to religious leaders to get their support. These land grants were recorded on special metal plates. They were often described in long poems, known as prashasti, which were written by the king's poets.

Wars Due to Wealth

Kingdoms kept fighting to control more areas. Important cities like Kanauj were always being fought over by different kingdoms. Even temples, which were rich, became targets. Leaders from outside India, like Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni, also attacked to steal this wealth.

South India

In the south, rulers like the Cholas expanded their territories. They also focused on farming, especially around the Kaveri River.

Agriculture and Irrigation

The Cholas improved farming by using rivers, clearing forests, and building water tanks. Both the rulers and local people were involved in managing water for farming.

The Cholas

The Cholas had a strong administration, and many parts of it were managed by assemblies of landowners and traders. They also built grand temples and were patrons of arts like bronze sculpture.


Chola rulers built big, beautiful temples, especially in cities like Thanjavur. These temples were rich and became important centers of daily life.


During the Chola rule, artists made excellent sculptures out of bronze. These sculptures were not just of gods but also of people who worshipped them.

Each of these topics can be studied in depth using resources like worksheets, MCQs, and extra question answers designed for Class 7 history. These learning tools provide a holistic understanding of kings, kingdoms, and the societal structures of the time.

Class 7 History Chapter 2 New Kings and Kingdoms PDF

The New Kings and Kingdoms PDF is a crucial part of Class 7 History Chapter 2. It is an NCERT resource that helps students understand medieval India in an easy-to-follow way. The PDF can be downloaded and studied at your own pace, making it a handy resource for Class 7 students.

Class 7 History Chapter 2 Questions and Answers

The Class 7 History Chapter 2 Questions and Answers section, also known as MCQ, is perfect for testing your knowledge on the New Kings and Kingdoms. It offers a range of questions and answers that help both students and teachers gauge understanding of the chapter.

New Kings and Kingdoms Class 7 Worksheet with Answers

Worksheets are interactive tools that make learning fun. The Class 7 History Chapter 2 Worksheet with Answers allows students to practice and review key topics like "How did the Rashtrakutas become powerful?" and other aspects of kings and kingdoms.

Class 7 History Chapter 2 Worksheet with Answers PDF

For added convenience, the Class 7 History Chapter 2 Worksheet with Answers is also available in PDF format. This makes it easier for parents and teachers to quickly evaluate students' understanding of the chapter.

Class 7 History Chapter 2 PDF Notes

These PDF notes are perfect for a quick revision of New Kings and Kingdoms. They summarize the NCERT Class 7 History Chapter 2 content, providing easy solutions and explanations for students looking for Class 7th History Chapter 2 solutions.

New Kings and Kingdoms Class 7 Mind Map

Mind maps are useful for quick revisions. The Class 7 History Chapter 2 Mind Map provides a visual outline of topics like the rise of new kings, administration systems, and how the Rashtrakutas became powerful.

Class 7 History Chapter 2 Questions and Answers PDF

The Class 7 SST History Chapter 2 Questions and Answers PDF is a downloadable resource that allows for self-assessment and quick revision. It includes answers and can be used as a Class 7th Social Science Chapter 2 Question Answer guide.

By using these resources, students can easily understand Chapter 2 History Class 7 and prepare for their exams effectively. The NCERT solutions for Class 7 History Chapter 2, as well as Class 7th History Chapter 2 Notes, make the learning process more enriching. The Class 7 History Chapter 2 New Kings and Kingdoms PDF is also an important material that contains questions and answers, facilitating better understanding and preparation for exams.

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