Class 7 - Tribes Nomads and Settled Communities Worksheet With Answer

Class 7 - Tribes Nomads and Settled Communities Worksheet With Answer
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Tribes, Nomads and Settled Communities Worksheet With Answer

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tribes nomads and settled communities

In medieval times, Indian society was made up of kings, nobles, soldiers, and many more. This society followed a caste system, which favored some groups over others. However, there were tribal societies too, which did not follow the caste rules. They had their own way of living and beliefs.

The Tribal Societies

Tribal societies had different lifestyles. Some were hunters, others farmed, and some moved from place to place. They had their own rules for sharing land and they mostly lived in forests, hills, and deserts. They liked living independently and keeping their own culture.

Some Major Tribes

We don't have a lot of written history about these tribes, but they have rich traditions. Some tribes were very important in different regions of India, like the Khokhar tribe in Punjab or the Gonds in Central India.

Source of Livelihood for the Nomadic Tribes

Nomadic tribes traveled around a lot. They sold milk products and other things like ropes and mats. Some were even entertainers, performing shows in towns.

Addition of New Castes

Over time, new smaller castes called 'jatis' came into being. This happened because people were getting skilled in different jobs. For example, the Rajputs became strong among the Kshatriyas, and they came from various tribal groups.

Two Main Castes: The Gonds and The Ahoms

The Gonds

Gonds lived in forests and practiced a type of farming called shifting cultivation. They were divided into small clans, each with its own leader. The society started to change when they gave land to Brahmins, which led to a divide in society. They were rich and had many villages, but eventually became weaker.

The Ahoms

Ahoms came from present-day Myanmar and created their own state. They were good in war because they made their own guns and cannons. The Ahoms used forced labor for building and farming. Even though Hinduism became more common in their society, they still kept their own religious practices.

So, whether it was tribal societies or the caste-based societies, each had its own rules, challenges, and ways of living.

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