Reproduction In Plants Class 5 Worksheet

Premium Reproduction In Plants Class 5 Worksheet
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Reproductions in Plants class 5 worksheet (Points to remember)

Reproduction is a process by which living beings produce young ones of their own kind. Like all living being, plants also reproduce.

There are three methods of reproduction in plants

1.  From seeds

2.  From spores

3.  From other plants part ( vegetative propagation)

Germination is the development of a seed into a seedling.

Dispersal of seeds is the scattering of seeds to a different place

Vegetative propagation is the reproduction through root, stem or leaves.

Rabi crops: Crops grown in winter (from November to April) are called wheat, barley.

Kharif Crops: Crops are grown in summer (from June to October) are called Kharif crops. e.g Rice and maize.

Download Reproduction In Plants Class 5 Worksheet in pdf. Questions are based on fill in the blanks, define, fill the missing box, diagram based questions and long questions and answers.

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