Rocks And Minerals class 5 worksheet | CBSE Class 5 science

Premium Rocks And Minerals class 5 worksheet | CBSE Class 5 science
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Rocks And Minerals class 5 worksheet | CBSE Class 5 science  (Points to remember)

Minerals are naturally occurring chemical substances.

Lava is a magma that reaches the surface of the earth.

Fossil fuels are formed millions of year ago from the remains of dead plants and animals.

Igneous Rocks: The word igneous means made from fire or heat. That is why igneous rocks are also called as fiery rocks. They are formed when magma cools and solidifies.

Magma are the hot liquid rock that lies below the earth's surface.

Different types of Igneous rocks:

1.  Basalt: Formed by lava cooling the earth's surface.

2.  Granite: It is the most common igneous rock formed deep underground when hot liquid rocks cool and harden.

3.  Pumice: This rock has many small holes which are formed when gases trapped inside release during its formation. Pumice powder is used by dentist for polishing our teeth.

Sedimentary Rocks

Sedimentary rocked are formed when older rocks break down due to the action of water and wind.

1.  Sandstone: It is made of small grains of quartz minerals. It is yellow, brown or pink in colour.

2.  Shale: Shale is a rock made of clay and mud. It is used to make tiles and bricks.

3.  Limestones: Limestone is a rock made of a mineral called calcite. It is used to make glass and lime.

4.  Conglomerate: It is made of pebbles and gravel which are held together by minerals and sand.

Download rocks and minerals class 5 worksheet including fill in the blanks, define, identify the various types of rocks and minerals, questions and answers on rocks and minerals topic

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