Division worksheet for class 3

Division worksheet for class 3
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To understand about long division method and word problems.

Division worksheet for class 3

 Download free division worksheet for class 3 including word problems on division for class 3. The worksheet consists of dividing three-digit and four-digit numbers by one number. Download free division worksheets for grade 3 including long division method questions, word problems and jumble puzzle on division for grade 3 students based on the latest syllabus.

This division worksheet for grade 3  will help the students to solve division questions based on 3 digits and 4 division numbers by one divisor number also there is a two-word problem added in this worksheet so that students can practice more word problem questions, it has been observed that most of the students skip or don't able to solve word problem-based questions during exams. Word problem helps to identify the student's thinking ability and student concept of understanding.

Puzzle questions will help the student to think beyond their knowledge and boost their confidence.

Topic: Division

Grade: 3

Type: Pdf Worksheet

Answer key Provides: No

Number of pdf pages: 1

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