Birds Break And Claws | CBSE Class 3 worksheet

Premium Birds Break And Claws | CBSE Class 3 worksheet
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Birds Break And Claws class 3 worksheet

Birds Break And Claws. CBSE class 3 printable worksheets on birds break and claws including questions on fill in the blanks, define, identifying the birds, long questions and answers and more.

Points to remember

Claws are the pointed nails on a bird foot

Wading means walking through water

Talons are sharp claws of flesh-eating birds

Perching means settling firmly on a branch.

Birds of prey are the birds that hunt and eat animals.

Sparrows, Pigeons, peacocks and robin eat nuts. They have a strong, short and hard break.

Vultures, eagles and owls are called birds of prey because they eat small animals such as frogs, snakes, mice etc. They have strong sharp and hooked beaks to tear the flesh of small animals.

Birds like eagles, hawk and owls have strong and sharp claws which are called talons. These claws help them to catch and hold their prey firmly.

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