NCERT Class 4 EVS Chapter 19 Abdul in the Garden Worksheet

Premium NCERT Class 4 EVS Chapter 19 Abdul in the Garden Worksheet
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Are you curious about the hidden world beneath your feet? CBSE Class 4 EVS Chapter 19 delves into the fascinating world of plant roots and their significance. From root vegetables that make for delicious meals to unusual roots that you may have never heard of, this chapter has it all. You can also learn about seed germination and how it leads to the growth of beautiful plants. And if you're looking for a fun and exciting read, then "Abdul in the Garden" is the perfect chapter for you! Follow Abdul's journey as he notices the smallest changes during the growth of plants and discovers the wonders of nature. Let's explore the amazing world of plants and simply marvel at their beauty!

Overview of Chapter 19: Abdul In The Garden

Chapter 19 of CBSE Class 4 EVS delves into the captivating world of plants through the story of Abdul, a young boy enthusiastic about gardening. It introduces students to the significance of plants in our ecosystem and educates them on the different stages of plant growth. Through this chapter, students become familiar with the various parts of a plant and their functions, as well as the intricacies of how plants thrive and contribute to our environment. Emphasizing observation and admiration of nature, the chapter aims to instill a sense of appreciation for the beauty and importance of plant life.

Learning Objectives of the Chapter

The key learning objectives of Chapter 19 include understanding the crucial role of plants in our surroundings, identifying plant components, monitoring and documenting plant growth changes, comprehending the process of seed germination, and recognizing the interconnection between plants and animals. By achieving these objectives, students develop a holistic understanding of the essential role plants play in sustaining life on Earth.

Summary of the Chapter

"Abdul In The Garden" narrates Abdul's journey through the phases of plant growth within his garden, highlighting the significance of plant organs like roots, stems, leaves, flowers, and fruits. By engaging students in activities that involve observing and noting plant growth alterations, the chapter facilitates a deeper understanding of nature's intricate processes and fosters an attitude of awe towards the natural world.

Key Concepts and Vocabulary

The chapter covers crucial concepts, including plant anatomy, photosynthesis, germination, pollination, and seed dispersal. By grasping these concepts, students acquire a comprehensive understanding of plant life cycles and the mechanisms through which plants reproduce and thrive in diverse environments.

Class 4 EVS Abdul In The Garden Worksheet

The accompanying worksheet for this chapter features activities designed to reinforce the acquired knowledge. Students are tasked with labeling plant parts, matching plant products with respective plant components, and making observations on plant growth changes. By completing these exercises, learners solidify their understanding of plant-related concepts and practices.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 19 Abdul In The Garden MCQ Questions

The multiple-choice questions provided for Chapter 19 aim to evaluate students' comprehension of plant structures, functions, and growth processes. Through these questions, learners can gauge their grasp of the chapter's content and reinforce their learning through assessment.

Class 4 EVS Chapter 19 Abdul In The Garden Extra Questions

The additional questions included in this chapter offer students further opportunities to deepen their knowledge and critical thinking skills. By engaging with these questions, learners can explore plant growth concepts more intricately and enhance their ability to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios.

Additional Resources for Further Learning

To augment student learning, teachers may incorporate supplementary resources such as videos, interactive activities, books, and hands-on experiments. These resources serve to enrich students' understanding of plant biology topics and provide engaging avenues for exploration and discovery.


"Abdul In The Garden" imparts valuable insights into plant growth and instills in students an appreciation for the natural world. By familiarizing themselves with plant anatomy, growth processes, and the interdependence of living organisms, students develop a profound respect for the environment and a sense of responsibility towards preserving it. This chapter cultivates curiosity, critical thinking skills, and environmental consciousness among young learners, preparing them to be conscientious stewards of the planet.

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