NCERT Class 3 English Chapter 2 The Magic Garden Worksheet

Premium NCERT Class 3 English Chapter 2 The Magic Garden Worksheet
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Are you ready to be transported into a world of magic and enchantment? Step into the mystical garden that awaits you in Class 3 with the worksheet, MCQs, and extra questions for 'The Magic Garden.' This captivating chapter from the NCERT textbook Marigold will ignite your imagination as you explore a garden filled with talking flowers, singing fairies, and little children who are loved by both.

Through these activities, you will not only appreciate the beauty of nature but also gain a deeper understanding of the world around you. As you delve into the proper use of parts of speech and answer questions in an engaging manner, Witknowlearn takes your learning experience to the next level. So come, let's embark on this magical journey where curiosity knows no bounds.

NCERT Class 3 English Chapter 2 The Magic Garden Summary

The chapter titled "The Magic Garden" is about a beautiful garden located in a school playground. The garden is filled with sunflowers, roses, marigolds, poppies, and pansies. The flowers in the garden are very happy because they have the children from the school who take care of them. The flowers talk to the birds and express their love for the children. They are grateful when the children water their roots and dig the ground.

The birds also appreciate the children for bringing them bread. The sun also helps by shining brightly on the garden, making it even more beautiful. The children love the garden and admire the tall sunflower and the marigold in its golden dress. The garden is special because it is also home to fairies who dance, sing, and talk with the children. The fairies have dresses made of flowers and wings made of sunshine. At night, the garden is quiet and the flowers and birds dream of the next day when the children will come again. The chapter concludes by stating that the garden is truly magical because of the presence of the fairies and the joy it brings to the children.

Overview of Marigold Class 3 English Chapter 2: The Magic Garden

In Class 3 English Chapter 2, The Magic Garden, students are introduced to a wondrous garden located in a school playground. This chapter allows students to explore the magical elements of the garden, such as talking flowers and fairies, adding an element of fantasy to their learning experience. Through this chapter, students develop their language skills and imagination as they delve into the enchanting world of the garden and the relationships between various characters. They also learn about the importance of taking care of nature and appreciate the beauty that surrounds them.

Learning Objectives on Chapter 2 The Magic Garden from Class 3 Marigold

The learning objectives for Class 3 Marigold Chapter 2, The Magic Garden, aim to foster students' language development, critical thinking, and imaginative skills. Through this chapter, students will learn about the components of a garden and their functions. They will also understand the importance of caring for plants and nature. Further, the chapter focuses on developing vocabulary, sentence construction, and using adjectives and verbs to describe different aspects of the garden. By engaging with the story and its themes, students will enhance their comprehension abilities and overall language proficiency.

Key Concepts and Vocabulary

The key concepts presented in the NCERT Class 3 English Chapter 2, The Magic Garden, revolve around the theme of nature, gardening, and imagination. Students learn about different types of flowers like marigolds, poppies, and pansies. They also explore the functions of birds and their relationship with the flowers in the garden. Furthermore, the chapter introduces new vocabulary words related to gardening, nature, and fantasy. By expanding their vocabulary and understanding of these concepts, students develop their language and communication skills, allowing them to describe and express their thoughts effectively.

Colourful and Engaging NCERT Class 3 English Chapter 2 The Magic Garden Worksheet

The NCERT Class 3 English Chapter 2, The Magic Garden Worksheet, provides an interactive and colorful learning experience for students. This worksheet is designed to reinforce the concepts, vocabulary, and themes explored in the chapter. Students will engage in various activities such as coloring illustrations, word puzzles, sentence completion, and more. This visually appealing worksheet not only facilitates a deeper understanding of the story but also ensures an enjoyable and engaging learning environment. By completing this worksheet, students can solidify their knowledge and demonstrate their comprehension of the chapter effectively.

Class 3 English Chapter 2 The Magic Garden MCQs Questions only on witknowlearn website

The witknowlearn website offers Class 3 students a collection of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) based on the NCERT Class 3 English Chapter 2, The Magic Garden. These MCQs provide students with an opportunity to test their understanding of the chapter, strengthen their comprehension skills, and engage in effective revision. By accessing these MCQs on the witknowlearn website, students can enhance their learning experience and assess their knowledge of the story, characters, and vocabulary. The platform ensures an accessible and interactive learning environment for students to practice and reinforce their understanding.

Class 3 English Chapter 2 The Magic Garden Extra questions for Perfect revision

To support comprehensive revision, extra questions relevant to Class 3 English Chapter 2, The Magic Garden, have been curated. These additional questions provide students with an opportunity to explore the chapter from different angles, deepen their understanding, and reinforce their comprehension skills. By answering these questions, students can enhance their critical thinking abilities and gain a thorough grasp of the concepts covered in the chapter. Designed for perfect revision, these extra questions ensure that students are well-prepared and confident to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding effectively.

Additional Resources for Further Learning on witknowlearn

In addition to the NCERT textbook, witknowlearn offers a variety of additional resources for Class 3 students to further augment their learning experience. Through its curated content, witknowlearn provides a diverse range of resources including videos, worksheets, quizzes, and interactive games related to various subjects, including English. These resources cater to different learning styles and offer students the opportunity to explore concepts in a dynamic and engaging manner. By accessing these additional resources, students can extend their learning beyond the classroom, deepen their understanding of Class 3 English Chapter 2, and enhance their overall knowledge.


In conclusion, NCERT Class 3 English Chapter 2, The Magic Garden, offers students an engaging and imaginative opportunity to explore the beauty of nature, develop their language skills, and embrace the wonders of a mystical garden. Through comprehension, vocabulary, and imaginative exercises provided in the colorful worksheet, along with the MCQs and extra revision questions on witknowlearn, students can strengthen their knowledge and understanding of the chapter. These additional resources, paired with the main textbook, ensure a comprehensive learning experience that encourages students to actively participate in their English language learning journey while nurturing their love for literature and nature.

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