NCERT Class 3 English Chapter 6 The Enormous Turnip Worksheet

Premium NCERT Class 3 English Chapter 6 The Enormous Turnip Worksheet
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In a quaint village, an old man found himself with an extraordinary predicament. He had managed to grow an enormous turnip in his garden, but now faced a daunting challenge – it was too colossal for him to uproot alone. As fate would have it, an old lady strolling by witnessed his struggle and offered a helping hand. Yet, even their combined efforts proved insufficient. Just when all hope seemed lost, a curious boy and girl appeared on the scene, their eagerness to assist palpable. With their combined strength, the task that eluded the others was conquered, and the mammoth turnip finally yielded. The story of the Enormous Turnip, reinforced through its accompanying worksheet, not only teaches the usage of past tense but also explores the edible nature of plants that grow underground. With its simple and engaging approach, Marigold’s NCERT textbook ensures a comprehensive understanding of the tale. Accompanied by interactive worksheets and solutions, our Little by Little curriculum also caters to the child's curiosity through our ‘Learning Beyond’ segment. Delve into the captivating world of the Enormous Turnip through our class 3 worksheet, finding inspiration in the triumph of collaboration and the wonders of nature.

NCERT Class 3 English The Enormous Turnip Summary of the Chapter

The chapter "The Enormous Turnip" tells the story of an old man who plants turnip seeds and tries to pull up the enormous turnip that grows from them. Despite his best efforts, he is unable to do it alone. An old woman, a boy, and a girl offer their assistance, but even their combined strength is not enough to uproot the turnip. Finally, they all work together and successfully pull up the enormous turnip. As a reward, they decide to share and enjoy the turnip together. The chapter highlights the importance of teamwork and cooperation in achieving tasks that may seem difficult or impossible to accomplish alone.

Overview of Marigold Class 3 English Unit 3 Chapter 6: The Enormous Turnip

In Unit 3 Chapter 6 of Marigold Class 3 English, we dive into the captivating folk tale titled "The Enormous Turnip." This chapter tells the story of an old man who grows an enormous turnip in his garden but struggles to uproot it. Through this delightful narrative, children are introduced to the values of teamwork and cooperation.

Learning Objectives in Chapter 6 The Enormous Turnip for Class 3 Marigold

The primary learning objectives of this chapter include helping students develop an understanding of the concept of teamwork, identify the main characters and events in a story, and learn to sequence events in a logical order. Additionally, the chapter aims to enhance students' reading comprehension skills, vocabulary, and ability to retell a story.

Key Concepts and Vocabulary

This chapter introduces key concepts such as cooperation, perseverance, and the importance of the natural environment. Students will learn new vocabulary related to gardening, plants, and teamwork. They will also explore various components of a story, such as characters, setting, and plot.

Colourful and Engaging NCERT The Enormous Turnip Class 3 Worksheet

To make learning interactive and enjoyable, we provide a colourful and engaging worksheet based on the NCERT English textbook, The Enormous Turnip. This worksheet includes various exercises and activities that reinforce the concepts covered in the chapter. It allows students to practice their language skills, improve their comprehension, and develop their creativity.

Class 3 English Chapter 6 The Enormous Turnip MCQs Questions

To assess students' understanding and facilitate revision, we have included multiple-choice questions (MCQs) based on The Enormous Turnip story. These MCQs cover key themes, characters, and events in the story. They serve as a useful tool for self-assessment and classroom discussions.

Class 3 English Chapter 6 The Enormous Turnip Extra questions for Perfect revision

In addition to the MCQs, we provide extra questions for perfect revision. These questions encourage students to analyze the story, explore its themes and messages, and reflect on the characters' actions. They also promote critical thinking and help students develop a deeper appreciation for storytelling.

Additional Resources for Further Learning on witknowlearn

For students who wish to delve deeper into the topic or explore related content, we offer additional resources on our platform, witknowlearn. These resources include educational videos, interactive games, and worksheets that complement the study of The Enormous Turnip. They provide opportunities for further learning and a well-rounded understanding of the subject matter.


The chapter on The Enormous Turnip in Marigold Class 3 English is a valuable exploration of teamwork and perseverance. The interactive and comprehensive resources, such as the colourful worksheet, MCQs, and extra questions, enhance students' understanding while making learning enjoyable. Additionally, the availability of supplementary materials on witknowlearn ensures that students have access to a wide range of resources for further learning. Through these resources, children can develop essential language skills, cultivate a love for storytelling, and appreciate the importance of working together towards a common goal.

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