NCERT Class 3 English Unit 4 Chapter 7 Poem Sea Song Worksheet

Premium NCERT Class 3 English Unit 4 Chapter 7 Poem Sea Song Worksheet
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Embark on a mesmerizing journey as the Sea Song poem in Class 3 unravels the enchanting tale of a young boy's discovery by the shore. As he stumbles upon a shell and excitedly shares his find with his mother, a world of wonder unfolds. Holding the shell close to his ear, a gentle melody emerges, filling his heart with amazement. The poem not only captivates young minds but also serves as a valuable learning tool. Through NCERT solutions for Class 3 English Chapter 7 Sea Song, children explore the significance of their senses and delve into the fascinating realm of animal behavior. With engaging worksheets, 'Learning Concepts', and a thought-provoking 'Learning Beyond' segment, children's curiosity is nourished. Download the Sea Song Class 3 worksheet and immerse in this poetic adventure of discovery.

NCERT Class 3  English Chapter 7 Sea Song Poem Summary

The poem "Sea Song" describes the narrator's discovery of a small curly shell while walking on the sand. Intrigued, the narrator picks it up and takes it home, holding it in their hand. When the narrator's mother examines the shell and brings it close to the narrator's ear, a soft and sweet song emerges from within. The narrator is surprised but delighted, listening attentively to the melodic sound. The poem concludes with the narrator expressing a wish for others to find their own shells and experience the joy of hearing them sing. The poem highlights the wonder and magic found in simple things and encourages others to seek out their own enchanting discoveries.

Overview of Marigold Class 3 English Unit 4 Chapter 7: Sea Song Poem

In Unit 4 Chapter 7 of Marigold Class 3 English, students dive into the captivating Sea Song poem. This chapter narrates the incident of a boy finding a shell on the shore and discovering the enchanting sound it produces when held near the ear. The poem aims to engage students while introducing them to the concepts of sensory perception and animal behavior.

Learning Objectives in Chapter 7 Sea Song for Class 3 Marigold

The primary learning objectives of this chapter include helping students develop an understanding of human senses and their importance. Additionally, students will explore the actions performed by animals and gain insights into their behavior. These objectives are designed to enhance the students' comprehension skills, vocabulary, and ability to analyze poetry.

Key Concepts and Vocabulary

Chapter 7 Sea Song introduces key concepts such as human senses and their significance, as well as animal behavior. Students will encounter new vocabulary related to the poem and themes explored, deepening their understanding of the subject matter and enhancing their language skills.

Colourful and Engaging NCERT Sea Song Poem Class 3 Worksheet

To facilitate interactive and enjoyable learning, a colourful and engaging worksheet based on the NCERT English textbook Sea Song Poem is provided. This worksheet includes various exercises and activities that reinforce the concepts covered in the chapter. It allows students to practice their language skills, improve their comprehension, and develop their creativity.

Class 3 English Chapter 7 Sea Song Poem MCQs Questions

To assess students' understanding and facilitate revision, multiple-choice questions (MCQs) based on the Sea Song poem are included in this chapter. These MCQs cover key themes, vocabulary, and comprehension of the poem. They serve as a useful tool for self-assessment and classroom discussions.

Class 3 English Chapter 7 Sea Song Poem Extra questions for Perfect revision

In addition to the MCQs, extra questions are provided to facilitate perfect revision. These questions encourage students to delve deeper into the poem, analyze its themes and messages, and reflect on the sensory experiences depicted. They promote critical thinking and help students develop a deeper appreciation for poetry.

Additional Resources for Further Learning on witknowlearn

For students who wish to explore the topic further or gain additional resources, witknowlearn offers supplementary materials. These resources include educational videos, interactive games, and worksheets that complement the study of the Sea Song Poem. They provide opportunities for further learning and a well-rounded understanding of the subject matter.


In Marigold Class 3 English Unit 4 Chapter 7, students are taken on a poetic journey through the Sea Song Poem. Through engaging resources like the colourful worksheet, MCQs, and extra questions, students can improve their comprehension skills, vocabulary, and critical thinking abilities. The inclusion of supplementary materials on witknowlearn ensures that students have access to a wide range of resources for further exploration. This chapter not only nurtures a love for poetry but also facilitates the development of important language skills and an understanding of sensory perception and animal behaviour.

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