NCERT Class 2 Maths Chapter 8 Grouping and Sharing (Multiplication and Division) worksheet

Premium NCERT Class 2 Maths Chapter 8 Grouping and Sharing (Multiplication and Division) worksheet
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Welcome to the world of maths learning with NCERT Class 2! In this exciting chapter, Grouping and Sharing (Multiplication and Division), we dive into the wonderful concepts of multiplication and division. It's all about understanding how to group and share objects, and how these concepts relate to everyday life. Through this worksheet, NCERT provides a comprehensive approach to help students develop a strong foundation in maths.

With interactive exercises and engaging activities, this resource allows children to grasp the concepts of multiplication and division in a fun and practical way. By following the NCERT curriculum, students can enhance their problem-solving skills and logical thinking abilities. The exercises in this worksheet aim to build upon the understanding of grouping and sharing, paving the way for more complex mathematical concepts in the future. Whether you are a teacher looking for supplementary material or a parent supporting your child's math learning journey, this NCERT Class 2 Maths Chapter 8 worksheet is a valuable resource that will make learning enjoyable and effective. Embark on this math adventure and witness the magic of multiplication and division in action!

Understanding the Concept of Grouping and Sharing worksheet for class 2 kids

Grouping and sharing are foundational concepts in elementary mathematics, serving as the basis for multiplication and division, respectively. Grouping involves arranging items into equal sets, while sharing entails distributing items equally among a certain number. These concepts provide children intuitive ways to make sense of these operations and illustrate the relationship between them.

Importance of Multiplication and Division for class 2 

Multiplication and division are two of the four basic mathematical operations. They extend upon addition and subtraction, allowing more efficient calculation with larger numbers (multiplication) and the division of quantities into equal parts (division). Mastering these operations is essential to understanding the foundation of mathematics, unlocking broader numerical fluency, logical reasoning abilities, and serving as building blocks for more complex concepts in later mathematical education.

NCERT Class 2 Maths Chapter 8 Syllabus

Chapter 8, "Tens and Ones," introduces students to several key concepts in second grade mathematics, primarily the concept of place values. Although not explicitly mentioned, grouping and sharing form pivotal aspects in understanding tens and ones, laying the groundwork for multiplication and division.

Practice Exercises and Worksheets for NCERT Class 2 Maths Chapter 8

Worksheets and practice exercises provide a platform for students to apply their understanding of grouping and sharing, multiplication and division. They offer a wide array of problems, often contextualized in playful scenarios, to encourage deep engagement with the material.

Topics Covered in Our Worksheet on Grouping and Sharing Chapter

Our worksheet for the Grouping and Sharing chapter focuses on the fundamental concepts of multiplication and division through various fun and engaging activities. Here's a brief overview of the topics covered:

  1. Concept of Repeated Addition: This section introduces the idea of multiplication as repeated addition. Various exercises require students to convert multiple additions into a single multiplication expression.

  2. Basic Multiplication Concept Using Simple Diagram-Based Questions: Students will solve image-based questions that concrete their understanding of multiplication in terms of groups and items within each group.

  3. Questions Based on the Number of Groups: These questions hone the skill of grouping, where students are asked to identify the total number of items when given the number of groups and vice-versa.

  4. Complete the Table on Multiplications: This part of the worksheet presents a partially filled multiplication table that students need to complete. This helps enhance their speed and accuracy with multiplication facts.

  5. Word Problems on Multiplication: To showcase the practical application of multiplication, this category presents word-based mathematical problems. This encourages students to translate language into mathematical operations.

  6. Basic Concept of Division Using Sharing Concept: This topic introduces division as sharing, where students are given exercises that require them to divide a certain number of objects equally among a specific number of groups.

Each of these topics aims to ensure the students retain their learning and can apply these concepts effectively in real-life situations. They also help lay a strong foundation for students to build upon as they progress in their math education.


Multiplication and division are cornerstone skills in early mathematics education. Grasping the ideas of grouping and sharing in the context of tens and ones offers children an intuitive understanding of these operations, preparing them for more advanced mathematical concepts. Through regular practice and engagement with a variety of resources, children can solidify this understanding and cultivate broader numerical fluency and problem-solving skills.

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