Perimeter and Area worksheet for grade 5

Premium Perimeter and Area worksheet for grade 5
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To find the Parimeter & area of the following figures.

Perimeter and Area worksheet for grade 5

Download perimeter and area worksheet for grade 5 also called as perimeter, area and volume chapter for grade 5 including questions based on the perimeter, area, word problems, hots questions and more.


peri is a Greek word that means around and meter is for the measure. So perimeter means to measure around a figure. Thus perimeter means the length of the boundary of a figure.

A plane figure formed by a line segment is called a rectangular figure. 

The perimeter of square and rectangle can be calculated by using the formula.

1. Perimeter of a rectangle ABCD 

its perimeter =  AB + BC + CD + DA

                         = l + b  + l + b

                        = 2l + 2b = 2 ( l + b)

Whereas Perimeter of square formula is

2. Conside a square ABCD

The perimeter  of the square = sum of its all sides

= AB + BC + CA + AD

= s + s + s + s

= 4s

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