Enjoy the Fun of Learning with Free NCERT Class 1 English Worksheet in the Merry Go Round

Premium Enjoy the Fun of Learning with Free NCERT Class 1 English Worksheet in the Merry Go Round
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Merry Go Round Questions and answers

Q: How did the merry-go-round go?

A: The merry-go-round went round and round.

Q: How did the big brown horse go?

A: The big brown horse went up and down.

Q: Have you seen a merry-go-round?

A: Yes, I have seen a merry-go-round. I like to climb up on a merry-go-round.

Q: Where have you seen it?

A: I have seen a merry-go-round in a fair.

Q: Would you like to go to a fair?

A: Yes, I like to go to a fair during the winter season.

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Question 1 (  Look at this picture and describe the fair.)

A: It seems like this is a picture of a fair. There's a big ground full of all kinds of rides. There are so many children sitting on the merry-go-round. They are screaming, laughing, and enjoying the ride. Some of them are riding on a train. There is a big stall where a man is selling different kinds of toys. Little children are standing at the toy shop with their parents and buying toys. I can also see a balloon man selling colourful balloons to children. Everyone is enjoying and having so much fun at the fair.

2. Talk about the things you enjoy at a fair.

A: A visit to a fair is always very interesting for me. I go to the fair with my parents and friends. The best part of a fair is the rides. When I go to a fair, my friends and I can’t decide what to do first. There are so many rides, like hot air balloon rides, jumping house where we can jump very high, and my favourite merry-go-round is the last ride we sit on. The fair ground is filled with hundreds of shops selling various products like toys, sweets, clothes to the people who gathered to visit the fair. For me, one of the most attractive sides of a fair is the food corner where I can eat a variety of foods.

Merry – Go – Round class 1 | NCERT class 1 English worksheet

The Merry Go Round poem class 1 is written by Dorothy W Baruch. The poem describes the poet’s experience of sitting on a brown horse in a merry-go-round. She explains how the merry-go-round moves up and down, and round and round.The Class 1 English Merry-Go-Round solutions for this poem help the child to comprehend the poem and explain personal experience at the fair.

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This Merry Go Round: Class 1 NCERT English worksheet set is perfect for any elementary schooler or even pre-school students. It contains word searches, matching sentences, questions related to a story, writing stories, and internalizing concepts from stories. With this materials worksheet set, you can guarantee that your students will learn new vocabulary as well as pick up words like synonym, antonym and homonym along the way. Plus the questions come with hints and colorful illustrations that made learning exciting and fun! Boring Mondays are over; download this worksheet set to supercharge your Fun Fridays!
With this set of worksheets, students will naturally know how to pronounce unfamiliar words with ease. It also provides exercises on common mistakes and bluffs - be sure to cover these as well! This way, your students can learn from mistakes and learn the correct usage for better perception. Furthermore, allow them to practice creative writing with prompts dedicated to each concept so that they can put their learning into action in an interesting and engaging way. From identifying conclusions to extracting details using clues and stories, there’s something for everyone here! What a great way to motivate your kids to read more!

Have you ever wondered how did the merry go round go and what makes it such an enduring symbol of joy and amusement? Discover the world of merry go round class 1, where we explore the essence of this captivating ride and its connection to the magic of childhood. Delve into the merry go round question answer section, which engages young minds with thought-provoking queries and ensures that they gain a deep understanding of the subject matter.

The merry go round poem is a lyrical masterpiece that captures the essence of this whimsical ride, transporting children to a world filled with laughter and delight. This poem not only entertains but also introduces the concept of rhythm and rhyme, crucial building blocks for developing reading and language skills in young learners.

A key component of our comprehensive learning resource is the position words worksheet pdf, which helps children grasp the essential concept of spatial relationships. This worksheet contains a variety of engaging activities that encourage students to apply their knowledge of position words, such as "above," "below," "beside," and more. Our position words worksheet for class 1 offers an immersive experience that facilitates the learning of these crucial concepts in a fun and interactive manner.

The Marigold Round, inspired by the merry go round, is a unique learning module that combines the charm of the classic ride with the excitement of interactive learning. Through this innovative approach, children are exposed to a variety of educational concepts while enjoying the thrill of the virtual merry go round.

The concept of opposites is integral to language development, and our merry opposite word activity is designed to help students grasp this idea. By exploring the world of antonyms, children will broaden their vocabulary and enhance their understanding of language nuances.

In conclusion, our comprehensive learning resource, centered around the theme of the merry go round, offers a dynamic and engaging approach to education. With captivating content like the merry go round poem, the position words worksheet for class 1, and the Marigold Round, students are sure to be enthralled by this unique learning experience. So, let the magic of the merry go round sweep your child off their feet and embark on an unforgettable journey of discovery and learning.

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