Circle English Worksheet from Marigold Class 1

Premium Circle English Worksheet from Marigold Class 1
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An NCERT Class 1 Circle is written by Manorama Jafa, this chapter tells the readers about the interaction of a grandmother and her granddaughter where they sit together and draw a circle and make other things that are similar to a circle such as the balloon, a wheel, a moon, sun, etc.The Class 1 English Circle question answer helps the child to arrange shapes to make different objects and trace letters from a to r.

Chapter 10 circle questions and answers

 Q: What did Grandmother and Mohini draw first?

Ans: Grandmother and Mohini drew a circle at first.

Q: What were the colours of the balloons that Mohini drew?

A: The colours of the balloons that Mohini drew were red, blue, green and yellow.

Introducing the most comprehensive and interactive English class 1 worksheet, specifically designed for young learners to excel in their primary education. This worksheet covers a wide range of topics, including intriguing questions like "What did grandmother and Mohini draw first?" that will engage the students' curiosity and improve their comprehension skills.

In Chapter Circle, our 5 lines on circle for class 1 provide a basic understanding of the shape and its properties. With clear explanations and interactive diagrams, children will learn to identify circles and their significance in everyday life. The circle chapter is further enhanced by the circle question and answer section, where students can test their knowledge and understanding of the concept through engaging exercises.

As students progress through the CBSE Class 1 English curriculum, they will encounter the ever-important topic of articles. Our "a, an, the" worksheet for class 1 ensures that children grasp the basic usage of these articles and practice implementing them in sentences. This worksheet is designed to build a strong foundation in English grammar for class 1 students.

Marigold Class 1 Chapter 10 is a key component of the NCERT English curriculum, and our worksheet 1st class 1 English book is designed to complement and reinforce the lessons taught in this chapter. The chapter's engaging stories and interesting exercises are further enriched by the inclusion of the "one and many" worksheet for class 1, which focuses on the concept of singular and plural nouns.

Our 5 in circle activity encourages students to apply their newly acquired knowledge by identifying and counting the number of circles in a given picture. This fun activity not only aids in developing a child's observation skills but also strengthens their understanding of the circle concept.

Another engaging exercise in our class 1 English worksheet is the "look at the picture and circle the correct word" activity. Students are presented with a picture and a choice of words, and they must use their comprehension skills to determine which word best represents the image. This activity not only improves vocabulary but also enhances critical thinking and observation skills.

Our circle pdf is a comprehensive resource that includes all the necessary information, activities, and exercises covered in our English class 1 worksheet. The easy-to-download format allows parents and teachers to access and share the material as needed, ensuring that learning can happen anytime, anywhere.

The 1 in circle activity is a creative way to introduce the concept of numbers within the context of shapes, specifically circles. Through this activity, children will learn to associate the number "1" with a single circle and understand the connection between numbers and shapes.

By following the NCERT guidelines, our Circle NCERT Class 1 English worksheet ensures a well-rounded learning experience for young learners. The combination of engaging activities, clear explanations, and a strong focus on grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension skills makes this worksheet an invaluable resource for both parents and teachers.

In conclusion, our Class 1 English worksheet is the perfect tool for mastering the CBSE Class 1 English curriculum. With a wide range of topics covered, including intriguing questions like "What did grandmother and Mohini draw first?", the circle chapter, the "a, an, the" worksheet for class 1, the "one and many" worksheet, and a host of other engaging activities, students are sure to excel in their English language skills. Our easy-to-download circle pdf ensures that parents and teachers can access and share this valuable resource anytime, anywhere, making it the ideal companion for a successful learning journey.

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