Our Tree class 1 | Worksheet | NCERT Marigold English poem

Our Tree class 1 | Worksheet  | NCERT Marigold English poem
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Our Tree class 1 | Worksheet  | NCERT Marigold English poem 

Marigold Our Tree class 1. Download our tree class 1 pdf worksheet including answer based on the latest NCERT Syllabus on our tree chapter. This worksheet includes questions based on true and false, answer the following, match the column and more


This poem is based on a tree. One bird is eating fruit. One of its seeds falls down on the ground. Some days later the rain falls and a little plant grows up from that seed. Slowly the plant grows into a big tree. Its branches have become long. There are a number of insects. They start crawling on the tree. The tree has fruits and green leaves. Crows, squirrels and monkeys all have fun on the tree. There is a swing on the tree as well. The tree has so many things

Topic: Our tree class 1 poem (Marigold)

Grade: 1

Type: Pdf worksheet with answer 

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