Wastewater Story class 7 | worksheet & Printable

Wastewater Story class 7 | worksheet & Printable
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Wastewater Story class 7 | worksheet and printable

Wastewater Story. Download Wastewater story class 7 worksheet and notes based on the latest CBSE Syllabus including MCQ on Wastewater Story, long questions, and Wastewater Story class 7 notes for revision.

 waterwaste story notes for class 7

When we use water at home to wash clothes and utensils, bathe and flush toilets, it became dirty. This dirty water is called waterwaste. It contains urine, detergents, and dirt released after washing clothes and food waste.

Waterwaste is also generated in industries, hospitals, and other places.


Importance of drainage and sanitation

In several houses there may be no proper drainage system to dispose off sewage. In such case, sewage waste may collect in pools and stagnate. The poor drainage system in many sites can get blocked by plastic waste and overflow and this will leads to the breeding of mosquitoes, flies, and germs.

Therefore it is important to have a proper drainage system also one must cover drainage system for disposal of sewage.


What is a sewage system?

The sewage system consist of a network of underground pipes that transfer the sewage from the point it is produced to the point where it is treated, before being disposed of. Usually, sewage from houses flows through cast iron or using PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipes.


Sewage treatment

Sewage treatment consists of removing the solid material from the sewage. It consists of screening, primary treatment, secondary treatment, and disinfection.

Sewage: Water caried waste, in either solution or suspension form

Sludge: A solid waste that is rich in organic matter

Vermicast: Worm manure


In the year 2016, the Government of India has initiated a new mission known as

“Swachh Bharat” under which a lot of drives such as proper sewage disposal

and providing toilets for everyone have been started


Vermi-processing toilet

A design of a toilet in which humans excreta is treated by earthworms has been tested in India. It has been found to be a novel, low water-use toilet for safe processing of human waste. The operation of the toilet is very simple and hygienic The human excreta is completely converted to vermi cakes a resource much needed for soil.


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