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In Class 3 Environmental Studies (EVS) Chapter 9, students explore the importance of water for both animals and plants through the charming story of Appu, the lovable elephant. The chapter covers a variety of topics, including:

  • Clouds and rainbows.
  • A general understanding of rainfall.

Furthermore, NCERT Class 3 EVS Chapter 9 encourages children to share their personal experiences during rainy days and discuss the challenges they face during the rainy season.

The NCERT textbook, "Looking Around," features questions that are answered in a clear and engaging manner. In addition to the main content, related "Learning Concepts" and interactive worksheets with solutions are provided. The "Learning Beyond" section addresses possible questions that may arise from students' curiosity, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the chapter's themes.

It's Raining Class 3 is an engaging chapter in the Environmental Studies (EVS) curriculum that introduces young learners to the fascinating world of rain and weather. This topic captures the curiosity of students and encourages them to explore various aspects of rain and its effects on our environment. The It's Raining Class 3 EVS chapter addresses important questions such as "What happens when it rains Class 3?" and "How do you feel when it rains Class 3?"

To ensure a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter, various resources are available, including It's Raining Class 3 EVS worksheets and It's Raining Class 3 question answers. These materials help students delve deeper into the topic while also promoting critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

The It's Raining Class 3 EVS worksheets cover a range of topics related to rain and weather, offering students an interactive way to engage with the material. For example, the worksheets may explore concepts like "What is weather Class 3?" and "How is rain formed Class 3?" In addition to the worksheets, the Its Raining Class 3 question answers provide valuable insights into the subject, guiding students through the learning process.

Supplementary resources, such as the It's Raining Class 3 EVS PDF, enable students to access the material at their convenience, allowing for a more flexible and personalized learning experience. The Class 3 EVS It's Raining question answers further complement the learning process, addressing any doubts or questions that students may have.

For educators, the It's Raining Class 3 EVS lesson plan provides a helpful tool to create engaging lesson plans and activities, ensuring that the material is both informative and enjoyable for students. The Class 3 EVS It's Raining worksheet collection can be incorporated into the lesson plan, allowing students to engage with the material in a more interactive manner.

Additional topics explored within this chapter include "What is rainwater harvesting Class 3?" and "How do plants look when it rains Class 3?" These concepts further enhance students' understanding of the natural world and the vital role rain plays in our environment.

The It's Raining Class 3 worksheet collection and the Class 3 It's Raining PDF offer a comprehensive approach to learning, providing students with ample opportunities to explore the subject matter in depth. Moreover, the It's Raining Class 3 EVS question answers ensure that students can engage with the material in a meaningful and enjoyable way.

In conclusion, the It's Raining Class 3 EVS chapter offers students a comprehensive and engaging introduction to the world of rain and weather. The wide range of resources available, including worksheets, question answers, PDFs, and lesson plans, ensures that students can explore the subject matter in depth while also enjoying a personalized and interactive learning experience.

It's raining class 3 question answer

Question 1: How did Appu know that the banana trees needed water?

Answer: Appu saw the banana trees were bending down because there was no rain for a long time. So, he carried the water from the river and poured it on the banana trees. Then the trees came alive, and this is how Appu came to know that water is necessary for the banana trees.

Question 2: From where do the plants growing around your house get water?

Answer: The plants around my house get water from rain mostly. But we water the plants which are there in our garden.

Question 3: Appu drank water from the river till he was happy. Have you seen animals drinking water? Where?

Answer: Yes, whenever we visit our village, I always go to the nearby pond to watch different animals and birds coming for water. I have seen cows, bullocks, dogs, cats, crows, and sparrows drinking water from that pond.

Question 4: Have you ever given water to any animal? If yes, which animal?

Answer: Yes, I always keep a bowl filled with water for the stray dogs.

Question 5: Some animals are not given water by anyone. From where do they drink water?

Answer: Some animals do not get water from anybody. They go to the gutters, ponds, puddles and streams to drink water.

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