Fun with Numbers class 3 worksheets pdf

Fun with Numbers class 3 worksheets pdf
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Fun with Numbers class 3 worksheets pdf

´╗┐Fun with numbers class 3rd. Download fun with numbers class 3 worksheets pdf based on the latest CBSE syllabus including questions on abacus, place value, expanding the numbers, writing the numbers in ascending order and descending orders, hots questions and more.

Fun with numbers class 3 worksheet consists of 7 pages, in the first worksheet students have to read the abacus and write the numeral and its number name questions, in the second worksheet the questions are based on finding the place value based questions. In the third worksheet, the questions are finding the successor and predecessor of the given number-based questions after that questions are based on counting by two's and counting by five's and writing the numbers after questions are based on ascending order and descending order. Then encircle the smallest and largest number based on questions, Then students will solve questions based on identifying the greatest number, and finding the place value of the given numbers. In the last worksheet, questions are based on writing the following numbers in expanded form, write the following the shortest form.

Topic - Fun with Numbers class 3rd

Math magic class 3

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