Web of life class 3 evs worksheet

Premium Web of life class 3 evs worksheet
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web of life class 3 evs worksheet

web of life class 3. Download web of life class 3 worksheet including questions on natural and man-made things, fill in the blanks, questions and answers on web of life class 3 based on the latest syllabus. Web of life class 3 evs worksheets consist of 4 pages, in the first worksheet question is based on Circle all the natural things with red and man made things with blue, Draw a web life of a cow, Fill in the blanks and more, in the next worksheets question are based on man-made and natural things, living and non-living things and more, Download web of life additional questions for extra revision now. Many students asked what is web of life class 3, the answer is that web of life is a chapter which includes topics like things which are made by man, and things which are man-made, in this world we can see different objects like tv fridges which are non-living whereas things like a cat, human tree etc are living things. Web of life chapter tell us how different things are categorised 

Topic - Web of life class 3 chapter 24

Book - EVS Looking around for class 3

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