Good manners worksheet for class 1

Good manners worksheet for class 1
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Good manners worksheet for class 1

´╗┐Download worksheet for good manners. Class 1 good manners worksheets include identifying wrong and right behaviours,  questions on good manners, complete the sentences. 

´╗┐What are the 10 good manners

10 good manners are:

1. Say Thank you whenever someone gives you something.

2. Say welcome when someone says Thank You to you.

3. Say Please when you want something from others.

4. Say Sorry when you hurt someone!

5. Say It's ok when someone says sorry to you

6. Always speak softly and politely.

7. Always greet everyone with a smile.

8. Be obedient to your parents and teachers always.

9. Always walk in a line inside the school building to avoid accidents

10. Take care of plants and animalsLove them.

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