Introducing Little Learners to the Letter K with a Colouring Alphabet Activity

Premium Introducing Little Learners to the Letter K with a Colouring Alphabet Activity
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Colouring can be a fun and creative way for kids to learn the alphabet. This colouring activity uses the letter K as a way to introduce letters, shapes, words, and more. Get your crayons ready and join in on the letter K learning fun!

Gather the Supplies: paper, pencils and crayons/markers.

Once you have all the supplies, it’s time to start the letter K lesson. Begin by having your little learners find the K on the page and colour it. As they colour, talk about how the letter looks and sounds, then ask them questions about what words begin with the letter K. You can also point out shapes within the letter that they can colour in. Finally, discuss any unfamiliar objects they may encounter while colouring

Choose a Colouring Activity: colour in each letter with corresponding colours or pick one colour to complete the entire drawing

Depending on the level of your little learners, choose the colouring activity that best corresponds to their ability. For those who are just getting started, you can guide them to colour each letter with a corresponding colour. If they are more experienced, they may enjoy picking one colour and completing the entire drawing. Either way, let your little learner express their creativity and have fun!

Introduce Vocabulary Words: discuss the words that begin with the letter K (kite, kangaroo, kitchen).

During your colouring activity, be sure to discuss all the different words that begin with the letter “K”. It's a great way for them to become familiar with this letter and it will help them learn about new vocabulary words! Discuss fun items such as kites, kangaroos, kitchens and more. The more practice they get with these words, the more likely they are to remember them in their day-to-day life.
You can teach your little one the sound of the letter “K” and try to think of other words that start with it. Point out the letter K in the alphabet coloring sheet and have them color in the kite, kangaroo and kitchen items. As they color, explain what a kite is, what a kangaroo breathes and what we keep in a kitchen. And as you look through your alphabet colouring page together, ask them to point out all other things that begin with K - kettle, knapsack, kale, koala - so their knowledge of this alphabet increases naturally!

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