Symmetry worksheet for grade 7

Premium Symmetry worksheet for grade 7
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Meaning of symmetry and different types of symmetry 

Symmetry means the quality of being exactly the same in terms of reflection or rotational.

When a pattern or design is created by sliding or translating an original geometrical figure or motif repeatedly we can say that's the design has translational symmetry

when we turn some object and after a particular rotation says after 900 if we get the same shape, then this is known as rotational symmetry.

If the left hand or the right-hand side figure is exactly the same example: Taj Mahal this is an example of reflection symmetry or also known as mirror symmetry

Download symmetry worksheets in pdf including questions based on the line of symmetry, rotational symmetry, the order of symmetry and more. This worksheet is useful for grade 5, grade 6 as well as grade 7. We have added all types of questions related to symmetry chapter and can be used in various grades. You can download extra questions bank with answer notes as well as give MCQ online test on symmetry chapter as well.

Key Features

Topic: Symmetry

Sub Topic: Rotational symmetry, line of symmetry, order of symmetry

Useful for: Grade 5, grade 6 and grade 7

Type: PDF Worksheet

MCQ Test: Available

Extra practice questions with answers pdf note: Available 

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