Playing with numbers class 6 worksheet with answers

Premium Playing with numbers class 6 worksheet with answers
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Playing with numbers class 6 worksheet with answers

playing with numbers worksheet pdf with an answer. Download class 6 chapter 3 maths worksheet including playing with numbers questions for class 6, MCQ on chapter 3 class 6, questions based on divisibility test, prime, co-prime numbers based questions. Playing with numbers class 6 chapter 3 worksheets with answers consist of 6 pages including the answer key.

Points to remember:

Factors: A factor of a number is an exact divisor of that number. For example, factors of 20 are 1, 2, 4, 5 and 20 because 2 exactly divides the number 20 leaving reminder of 0

1 is a factor of all the natural numbers. Every non-zero number is a factor of itself.

Multiples:  A multiple of any natural number is a number formed by multiplying that number by any whole number

example first 5 multiples of 11 are 11,22,33,44 and 55

1 number is neither prime nor composite

The smallest prime number is 2

The smallest composite number is 4

Twin primes: Prime numbers that differ by 2 are called twin primes

pairs of twin primes between 1 and 100 are (3,5) (5,7) (11,13) (17,19) (29,31) (41,43) (59,61) (71,73)

Prime- Triplet: A set of three consecutive numbers differing by 2, is called a prime triplet. The only prime triplet known so far is (3,5,7)

Topic : Playing with numbers

Number of workheets - 6

Answer key - Yes

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