Pre maths skills | Maths Nursery worksheets

Pre maths skills | Maths Nursery worksheets
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Pre maths skill | Sorting worksheets for nursery

Pre maths skill. Download pre primary maths worksheets on sorting. This worksheet will help the students to develop visual perceptual skills, thinking and memory skills

What is pre math skills?

Pre-math skills refer to the basic abilities and concepts that children should have before they begin formal math instruction. These skills include counting, recognizing numbers, understanding quantities, and basic geometry. Additionally, pre-math skills include understanding patterns, sorting, and classifying objects, and being able to follow simple instructions. These skills provide a foundation for later math learning and help children to be successful in their math education.


Why sorting is important for students

Sorting is an important pre-math skill for students because it helps them to develop important cognitive skills such as categorization, comparison, and pattern recognition. By sorting objects according to different characteristics, students learn to identify similarities and differences and to group things together based on certain criteria. This helps them to understand and make connections between different concepts and ideas. Additionally, sorting is a key component of problem-solving and critical thinking, as it helps students to break complex problems down into manageable parts. It also allows them to organize information in a way that makes it easier to understand and remember. In a math context, it's a way to introduce concepts such as classifying, comparing, counting, and pattern-finding which are all the fundamental building blocks of the subject.

benefits of sorting worksheets in maths

Sorting worksheets in math can provide a variety of benefits for students. Some of the key benefits include:

Developing math skills: Sorting worksheets can help students to develop key math skills such as counting, comparing, and classifying.

Enhancing problem-solving skills: Sorting worksheets can help students to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills by challenging them to sort objects according to different criteria.

Building number sense: Sorting worksheets can help students to develop number sense by allowing them to manipulate numbers and understand their relationships to each other.

Improving memory: Sorting worksheets can help students to improve their memory by requiring them to remember and recall different characteristics of objects.

Building confidence: Sorting worksheets can help students to build confidence in their math abilities by providing a non-threatening and interactive way to practice and reinforce math concepts.

Support differentiation: Sorting worksheets can be adjusted to different levels of difficulty to support the needs of diverse learners.

Preparing for more complex math: Sorting worksheets can prepare students for more complex math concepts by providing a foundation in basic sorting skills.

Nursery Maths worksheets include the following worksheets


Odd one Out

Big and small

Long and Short

Same or different

Full and Empty

More and Less

Near and Far

Above, below and in between

Right and Left


Before - After



Square, Circle, Triangle, Rectangle and Star in Shapes

Numbers from 1 to 50

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