Microorganisms for class 8 | worksheet & Printable

Premium Microorganisms for class 8 | worksheet  & Printable
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Microorganisms for class 8 | worksheet  & Printable

´╗┐Microorganisms for class 8. Download microorganisms class 8 worksheet based on the latest CBSE syllabus including one-word answer, identifying types of microorganisms, long questions, and more

´╗┐There are other living organisms around us which we normally cannot see.  microorganisms or microbes are so small in size that they cannot be seen with the unaided eye. Some of these, such as the fungus that grows on bread, can be seen with a magnifying glass. Others cannot be seen without the help of a microscope. That is why these are called microorganisms or . .These are microbes called microorganisms or microbes. Microorganisms are classified into four major groups. These groups are bacteria, fungi, protozoa and some algae. Viruses are also microscopic but are different from other microorganisms.

Diseases like dysentery and malaria are caused by protozoa(protozoans) whereas typhoid and tuberculosis (TB) are bacterial diseases.

Where do Microorganisms Live?

Microorganisms may be single-celled like bacteria, some algae and protozoa, or multicellular, such as many algae and fungi. They live in all types of environments, ranging from ice cold climate to hot springs; and deserts to marshy lands. They are also found inside the bodies of animals including humans.

Friendly microorganisms 

Microorganisms are used for various purposes. They are used in the preparation of curd, bread and cake, Curd contains several microorganisms. Of these, the bacterium, Lactobacillus promotes the formation of curd.

 The process of conversion of sugar into alcohol is known as fermentation.

Medicinal Use of Microorganisms

Microorganisms are also used in antibiotics when we fall ill our doctor gives us some antibiotics capsule which contains some microorganisms. These days a number of antibiotics are being produced from bacteria and fungi. Streptomycin, tetracycline, and erythromycin are some of the commonly known antibiotics which are made from fungi and bacteria.

Even coronavirus vaccine such as covishield and covaxin contains a dead virus, which is dead-virus because of that our body starts making antibodies against that virus and give us protection against real coronavirus.

Harmful microorganisms:

microorganisms are called pathogens. Some microorganisms spoil food, clothing, and leather. Pathogens enter our body through the air we breathe, the water we drink or the food we eat. They can also get transmitted by direct contact with an infected person or carried by an animal. Microbial diseases that can spread from an infected person to a healthy person through air, water, food or physical contact are called communicable diseases. Examples of such diseases include cholera, common cold, chicken pox and tuberculosis.

Several microorganisms not only cause diseases in humans and plants, but also in other animals. For example, anthrax is a dangerous human and cattle disease caused by a bacterium. Several microorganisms cause diseases in plants like wheat, rice, potato, sugarcane, orange, apple and others

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